The X2: X-Men United Hong Kong DVD!

Scooper ‘Hyperchild’ sent in the great update, including pictures, from Hong Kong about the X2 DVD release there.

Love the site and hope I can contribute something for you guys to publish!

Good or bad – because of Asia’s piracy problem we get movies released at the same time or within a week of the US releases which is great – but even greater is that we get DVD releases in Hong Kong at least 4-6 weeks before the US to stop that leg of piracy – and the price of the DVD’s are about the same price (in the US) so in a way the piracy problem has helped this movie fanatic in Hong Kong keep up to date with US movies.

I wanted to show you this HONG KONG edition of the X2 DVD box set.

It is the Hong Kong region 3 version of X2 which has been officially released this week – I believe the US needs to wait till the end of the month.

The HK DVD features are identical to the US version but this DVD comes in a metal can with the main poster art on the front – it slides open to reveal the DVD’s on a cushiony black material. I’d say that was the only difference as I have seen the list of extra’s and they look identical.

Loved the movie so I had to pick this up right away, but quick comments on the Special Features: lots of stuff there but nothing super exciting. The 1 hour making of documentary is insightful, the deleted scenes are nothing special, the evolution of the X-Men is redundant for X-Fans (and a bane for enemies of Uncanny X-Men writer Chuck Austen – he is interviewed about his Nightcrawler prequel comic) – great to see the step-be-step sequence of the opening Nightcrawler scene but the rest is just usual stuff – very informative nonetheless (did you notice Jean Grey’s “Phoenix” jewelry and clothes??? – I didn’t but did when they pointed it out).

Anyways – it’s a definite buy DVD because this was the best film of Summer 2003. Here’s looking to X3 – hopefully with Angel, Sentinels, The Danger Room and the other stuff they left out of this one!

Thanks and keep up the great work on the site!

Hyperchild in Hong Kong!

Source: Hyperchild