Big Sales for The Hulk DVD!

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Universal Studios Home Video enjoyed big sales for The Hulk DVD the first two days its been out.

“Our target demographic for this film is young men, the same core demo for DVD in general,” USHV president Craig Kornblau said. “That’s why we decided to invest in an extremely robust bonus item like the Xbox video game packaged together with the feature, because we knew that our core buyers for this product also are gamers who watch DVDs on their video game consoles.” The marketing move appears to have paid off, with 2.5 million DVD units sold through to consumers within the first two days on retail shelves, according to Kornblau. “That initial sales number may not have set any records but when you consider how competitive this fourth quarter is in the DVD marketplace, I believe those numbers bode very well for ‘The Hulk.'”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter