Spectral Motion Creating Blade: Trinity F/X

Spectral Motion, Incorporated owner Mike Elizalde told Superhero Hype! that his company is creating the animatronics and makeup effects for Blade: Trinity.

Spectral Motion is the studio that has been awarded the prosthetics and animatronics build for the film. We were up against FX veteran studios KNB Effects Group and Edge FX among others for the gig. We just finished shooting Guillermo del Toro’s HELLBOY in Prague and began production of the effects for David S. Goyer upon my return in August. We are a new effects studio which prides itself on the incredible talent pool we attract. In the wake of Rick Baker’s decision to close his studio, we have the enviable privilege of working with Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuji on this project. Kazu enjoys a brilliant reputation and is among the most prolific artists in our field. In addition to Mr. Tsuji, we are also fortunate enough to boast the talents of Steve Wang (art director/creature designer), Mark Setrakian (lead mechanical engineer), Norman Cabrera (art director/creature designer) and many other effects veterans.

Great stuff, stay tuned for more from Mike about the film!

Source: Spectral Motion, Incorporated