Fantastic Four Production Update?

We received word from two scoopers about possible Fantastic Four developments. First up, here is ‘Bulog’…

I have a friend who is working currently on the art dept. on RIDDICK and told me he has a lead Art Dept. job on Fantastic Four, which still has no director or cast attached to it. They will be taking over the Bridges studios when Riddick is over.

Production on “The Chronicles of Riddick” is expected to wrap in October, could “FF” get underway in November? Here’s also ‘Robert’ with an interesting bit…

I spotted one interesting title from a release date list on the official Fox Denmark website. It has the FANTASTIC FOUR movie listed for a 2005 release. Are Fox moving F4?? After hearing that the script is stíll being worked on. I think that a 2005 target release is much better. Although from a commercial stand point December 24, 2004 is a great promotional tagline.

Source: Bulog, Robert