A Spider-Man Superbit DVD on the Way!

‘Brad’ from Spider-Man Crawl Space tells us that a Superbit edition of Spider-Man is on the way for Region 2…

You may want to get rid of your old Spider-Man movie DVD, because Sony is prepping a new edition. A new region 2 Superbit edition is being released in Japan during the month of October. It’s unknown when a region one edition will be released in the United States, but you may expect one the closer we get to Spider-Man 2. For those DVD novices, a Superbit disc eliminates all the extras on the disc. More space is alloted for the movie, and the picture quality and sound are improved. On this particular disc, a new DTS soundtrack is included.

They point to the Total DVD Online site, where it’s not made clear whether we’ll get this version for North America as well.

Source: Spider-Man Crawl Space, Total DVD Online