What is Filming for Spider-Man 2 Next Week?!!

We’ve received more confirmations that the Spider-Man 2 cast & crew is gearing up to return to the set next week! Two scoopers tell us what will be filmed and more. First up is ‘Spider-Man’ and spoilers ahead…

Hi. This is my first post to your site. I visit every day and have enjoyed your news posts for three years.

Just a quick follow-up on your post today regarding the last action scene to be shot for Spider-man 2. This week while working on a shoot, one of the crew guys (specific job omitted to protect his identity) heard I was a Spidey nut. Today, he was kind enough to bring me a few souvenirs from the both Spidey flicks.

The big item was a prop from the first film. Again, I omit the specific prop to protect my source. Suffice it to say it was a key prop used by one of the costumed characters in the first movie. I was flabbergasted and highly appreciated. He also gave me some storyboards from the first film.

The final items he gave me were shooting boards for the upcoming sequel. It was a scene of Peter Parker entering a burning building to rescue a small boy. Sounds a lot like Spidey 1 right? Well, the boards were clearly marked Spider-man 2 at the top of every page.

Finally, he said the sequence he was working on next week involved a collapsing pier and a massive set on the Sony lot. He said it was one of the largest sets for the film. They will be shooting for two weeks with Raimi at the helm.

Next up is ‘Agent 007’, with what sounds a bit more rumorish, but it could be true…

My Spider-senses are tingling! You guys are on the ball. I check your website regularly and am amazed at what has leaked out! I recently worked at Sony’s Production Studios; (I can’t say as what…) and I can confirm that not only are the whole cast & crew set to return next Thursday; but also that THIS IS THE FINAL CONFRONTATION SCENE!

But that’s only one part of it!


Sam Raimi made it clear that we will not see the Lizard in this installment of Spider-man… which is technically true; however, Dylan Baker who will portray Dr. Curt Connors aka The Lizard; will be required to show on the set next week!!

A fellow worker was led to believe that The Lizard’s transformation will take place during this scene, therefore gearing up for the second sequel!!

The John Jameson story will likely carry through the next installment also, since Raimi is insisting on only one main villian per movie!

One final note was that a worker on the set got into a conversation with one of the producers and they were mentioning how one of the biggest critisms with SM1 was the lack of intensity! According to the producer, they said that Raimi was looking to go a “little darker” with this one!

Tim Burton’s Batman dark?? I doubt it since that wasn’t Spider-man’s personality, but we’ll have to see!

Keep up the good work SHH!

Source: Spider-Man, Agent 007