Spider-Man 2 Production Update!

‘Studio Insider’ sent in this bit on the Spider-Man 2 production…

Good news for all “Spidey-fans”! I was talking to a friend of mine who is a set-builder over a Sony, and it looks like the whole crew will be returning to shoot one final scene sometime late next week after Mr. Raimi does one final examination of the set himself! (From the way my friend was talking, it sounded like a big action scene / maybe the final showdown between Doc Ock & Spidey!). The set itself took a long time to build during which time most of the cast took a break! However, even though this is the last scene to be shot, it aparently might take some time to get done; but with any luck Spidey will be back to Tobey Maguire by the end of the month.

Source: Studio Insider