Tippett Studio Using InfiniteStorage for Hellboy FX

Tippett Studio has released this statement in regards to equipment being used for the Hellboy special effects. Here’s a taste…

The winter crop of Hollywood blockbusters will be bursting with special effects, from computer-generated stand-ins for title characters to the CG creation of entire worlds. Before it reaches the screen, however, the creation of dazzling eye candy results in mountains of visual effects data that need to be stored and managed, and readily available to hundreds of computer graphics artists simultaneously. When the renowned Northern California film visual effects facility, Tippett Studio, needed to store and manage the massive amounts of data expected to be generated in creating the very complex and very special visual effects for The Matrix: Revolutions, Stepford Wives, Hellboy and Starship Troopers 2, they once again turned to Silicon Graphics® compute power and expertise to meet their immediate and future needs.

The flexible and heavy-duty SGI InfiniteStorage system is currently assisting Tippett Studio to complete the finale for The Matrix: Revolutions. Stepford Wives, a comedic remake of the 1975 suburban classic, currently in production, is scheduled for an early summer, 2004 release from Paramount Pictures. The InfiniteStorage system will also handle the heavy lifting for the difficult special effects shots for Hellboy (adapted from the Dark Horse comic) which includes various CG-created creatures.

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Source: Tippett Studio