Spider-Man 2 Teaser with Either Neo or The Hobbits!

First we heard that Sony Pictures would be showing the Spider-Man 2 teaser trailer with their upcoming “The Missing” on November 19, then a rumor surfaced that the studio instead moved up the trailer release with “Radio” on October 24.

We’ve now received solid word that Sony may be going bigger… A LOT bigger. Sources tell us that the studio may now give us a first glimpse of Spider-Man 2 with either Warner Bros.’ “The Matrix Revolutions” on November 5 or with New Line’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” on December 17.

We’re suspecting the former since December would be a little longer wait. Neo and Spidey, or Spidey and the Hobbits – either way, it sounds good to us.

The release date of the trailer isn’t set in stone yet and many things might change, but that is definitely what we’re hearing at this very moment.

Stay tuned True Believers…

Source: Superhero Hype!