Peter Wingfield Talks X2: X-Men United

Hollywood North Report talked to “Highlander” TV and movie actor Peter Wingfield about starring as Stryker Soldier Lyman in X2: X-Men United. Here’s a clip…

HNR: Can you recall any extra scenes that were filmed but ended up on the cutting room floor. Moments that might later show up on the DVD?

WINGFIELD: There was one particular scene where I’m in the scene. I was there when they were filming it. And yet when you’re watching the movie, I’m not there! I arrive later in the scene. It’s when Patrick is caged up in the brain control [the Cerebro room]. It just works better if its him and Brian Cox isolated. They just cut me out of the scene. You hear footsteps at one point, and suddenly, there I am in the background.

It’s when Xavier wakes up and has the brain controller on him and Stryker says to him, ‘You can’t control my mind. Every time you try it will cause you pain.’ It’s much more intense if there’s just two people there. There’s a sound of footsteps coming and then there’s a shot where you can see me in the background. So they just have me arrive there.

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Source: Hollywood North Report