Weekend Watch – Exploring The Ramifications Of Spider-Man Leaving The MCU

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In this edition of Weekend Watch, we’re exploring the ramifications of perhaps the year’s biggest news story – Spider-Man’s exit from the MCU. According to a bombshell report, financial negotiations between Sony and Disney have led to a stalemate. If this turns out to be accurate, Marvel will unfortunately no longer be creatively involved with the Spider-Man movies. There’s a lot to unpack here. If you’re looking for some context on the first 2015 deal to share Spider-Man, make sure to check out our retrospective on Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Starting things off, we have a video that examines the original report in-depth. Afterward, we’ll take a look at some of the twitter reactions to the news as it broke. Then, we feature a discussion that digs deeper into the nuts and bolts of the deal to try and figure out who is to blame for negotiations falling apart. After that, we have a video that explores the best and worst-case scenarios of this outcome. Next, we have a video essay that asks an intriguing question – can Spider-Man survive without Marvel? Finally, we close things out with a video that highlights the storylines that might be ruined if a new deal cannot be reached.

Sony Pulls Spider-Man Out of the MCU?

First up, we have a video from Midnight’s Edge that explores exactly happened between Sony and Disney. While this video seems convinced that the original report contains a “slant” toward Sony, it gives an excellent summary. It explores the break-up between Sony and Disney, along with what might come next. There’s not much new information about the situation in this video. However, it offers a helpful primer for those who are unfamiliar with the situation as it stands.

Twitter Reacts To Spider-Man Leaving the MCU

Our next video, which comes via Looper, rounds up some of the best twitter reactions to the news that Spider-Man might be leaving the MCU. When the news first broke, the Internet did what it does best with a massive story like this – react. Naturally, people drew their pitchforks toward Sony. But it’s not that simple.

Spider-Man Leaves the MCU – Who Is To Blame?

Next, this video from Collider Live features a healthy discussion about the overall ramifications of the Spider-Man deal falling apart. While the original report is covered here, the panelists also discuss who is actually to blame for negotiations coming to an end. Although it’s easy to blame Sony for this decision, Disney is also equally responsible for this mess. However, the more interesting question here is trying to uncover who leaked the story in the first place?

Spider-Man Leaving The MCU: The Best And Worst-Case Scenarios

This video, via Screen Crush, explores the best and worst-case scenarios for how this situation might unfold. On the positive side, the lack of Spider-Man’s presence might allow for new characters to take prominence in the MCU. It could also allow the filmmakers to tell a Spider-Man story where world-building isn’t the main priority. Obviously, the big drawback is that Sony is once again in control of the creative direction of the franchise. There’s natural skepticism about how the studio has handled the franchise in the past; which further emphasizes that Sony doesn’t know what makes the character appealing. This video does a great job of exploring the ramifications of this news, for better or worse.

Can Spider-Man Survive Without Marvel?

Assuming that no deal can be reached, this video from Captain Midnight explores an interesting question: can Spider-Man survive without Marvel? Since starting their partnership with Disney, Sony has gained a tremendous amount of goodwill from Peter’s inclusion in the MCU. Instead of jumping on the “let’s bash Sony” train, it offers a more optimistic approach to this scenario. Namely, if Spidey is indeed out of the MCU, where should the creative direction of the character be taken next? While this would undoubtedly be difficult, there are ways for Sony to continue this specific storyline. Ultimately, the studio needs to take some bold creative risks to make their version of Spidey stand out once again.

These Spider-Man Storylines Will Ruined By Leaving The MCU

Finally, this video from ScreenRant looks at all of the issues that Marvel will face without Spidey in the MCU moving forward. Considering that Far From Home positioned Peter as the new lynchpin of the MCU, this news will drastically change Marvel’s plans. Feige and company were undoubtedly planning future team-ups with Spidey. Those plans fall apart without Spider-Man. Marvel’s creative team will probably be able to write themselves out of this corer, but it’s tough.

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