Preacher Episode 7 Annotations: Until the End of the World

Welcome back brothers and sisters to our new weekly feature, the Preacher Book Club! Every week we’ll talk about the latest episode of AMC‘s Preacher, dissecting the episode at hand, annotating the changes made from the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon comic book series and attempting to predict about what will be coming next. So let’s dive right into our thoughts and annotations on Preacher Episode 7!

Jesse’s Mom

In one of the episode’s many flashbacks we see young Jesse praying and among his requests he asks for God to watchover his mother where she is. Jesse’s mother, named Christina in the comics, was actually present when John Custer was killed in the source material, as the pair and their son were being held captive by her mother, Marie L’Angelle. One can assume that she’s off in hiding somewhere away from her mother, but why she wouldn’t be with John and Jesse remains to be seen.

Cassidy’s secret

When Tulip asks Cassidy if he’s told Jesse what he is, it’s an odd moment. It certainly makes sense in the context of the show, but Jesse, Tulip, and the readers find out Cassidy is a vampire at the same time in the series and it’s something that Jesse seems to handle well, another change.

Jesse’s favorite actor

While arguing Tulipd asks Cassidy who Jesse’s favorite actor in the world is, the answer being John Wayne. In the comics, after Jesse’s father is killed and his mother believed to be dead, he make a friend…an imaginary friend, who looks and talks exactly like John Wayne. He naturally chose John Wayne because the actor visited his father when he was serving in the Vietnam War and gifted him with his trademark lighter, a silver zippo with the uncensored phrase “F**k Communism” inscribed on it. This might be the show’s way of just acknowledging that aspect of Jesse from the comics, or maybe we’ll be getting to see The Duke himself soon.

“Until the end of the world”

When young Tulip and Jesse say this to each other it’s directly lifted from the source material not only as a phrase the couple say to each other but the title for the second story arc in the comics.

“She’s an O’Hare”

Again, Tulip and Jesse being childhood friends is a new invention for the TV series and isn’t in the comics at all, so her father’s insistence that O’Hare’s are trouble is a new thing.

Cassidy’s beef

All right, I like this show, but Cassidy hating on The Big Lebowski for no reason is really killing my buzz. Not really, but it’s weird, right?

Tracy Loach details

As predicted, Eugene was directly involved in what happened to Tracy Loach. Jesse reveals that Eugene had a crush on the young woman and asked her out, when things didn’t go his way he put the shotgun to her head and then turned it on himself. This is profoundly different from the comics wherein Eugene, dissatisfied with his life and his drunk/abusive father, makes a suicide pact with a friend after hearing that Kurt Cobain killed himself.

The Man that killed John Custer

Well I’ve danced around this one as long as I can, but I think now it’s time to talk about him. In the comics the man that kills John is named Jody, and he’s downright mean. Jody is one of the enforcers for Jesse’s grandmother Marie L’Angelle and the reason that Jesse is as tough as he is now, because he taught him how to fight. Jody goes on to become a prime antagonist in the series, so I imagine they’re setting him up as a season 2 villain now.

You can check out the promo and first clip from Preacher 1.08 in the players below.