The 15 Best Superhero Comic Book Covers

Any list claiming to compile The 15 Best Superhero Comic Book Covers is doomed from the get-go, since you’re dealing with an artform that has amassed tens of thousands of issues over the past eight decades. That’s a lot of dedicated readers of all ages that are NOT going to see their favorite cover on this list.

What they WILL see are fifteen stunning works of graphic art by some of the best names to ever put ink to whiteboard, ranging from Jack Kirby to Neal Adams to Todd McFarlane. These covers were culled from a huge selection of works spanning the decades from both DC and Marvel (and one independent choice), showcasing lasting, iconic imagery that most fans will recognize. We’ve even included a few more recent pieces for the new generation of readers to appreciate. 

While certainly not a complete list by any means, we hope you’ll enjoy our representational selections in the gallery below! Of course, let us know your favorites and any we left out in the comments section!