Roy Harper, Nyssa al Ghul and a Surprise Hero Return in Our Arrow Episode 4.12 Recap

You know where we haven’t been in a while? Nanda Parbat! The reason why is Nyssa al Ghul has been locked up this whole time, until now. One of her cohorts manages to set her free and she escapes, in search of something call the Lotus. Meanwhile, Team Arrow chases after a burglar who has very nimble moves. Thea manages to subdue him on the roof but has a shortness of breath and almost falls off the ledge of the building. As Oliver saves her, the burglar gets away. In the Arrow Cave, the team decides perhaps her blood lust is returning with Oliver putting the blame on himself once again. They figure out what the thief took, a network mapper, but Felicity doesn’t have time deal with it as important Palmer Tech business is at hand. Curtis’ invention presentation has been moved up and during a trial run, things don’t go well. One of the members of the board suggests Felicity let someone else do it, because clearly she can’t handle it. Uh huh.

Oliver goes to see Thea that night and finds a surprise guest in her apartment, Malcolm Merlyn. He explains that Thea’s sickness is an effect of the pit, if she will not take life to quench it the pit will take life from her. Thea goes on to reveal her encounter with Darhk to Oliver, but before the conversation can go anywhere Ollie gets an alert that the burglar has struck again and this time he took a weapon. Managing to get across town very quickly, Oliver does a very stupid thing and chases the thief in his regular clothes and when he finally catches him he makes a startling discover: the thief is Roy Harper. At the Arrow Cave, he tells the team what happened. He gets a call from his campaign manager Alex, who has some news – he has an opponent now, Ruve Adams, Damien Darhk’s wife.

We flashback to the island where Oliver is being tortured. Suddenly arrows fly out and Ollie has a hooded arrow-wielding savior, Shado. Back in the present, Oliver goes to Adams in his Arrow guise and asks to set up a meeting with her husband. Felicity starts digging up info on the things Roy has stolen so far and deduces that when combined these elements could… blow up the internet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The only problem is he would need a power source, oh, like the one they just invented at Palmer Tech? Roy breaks into the building to take the battery but finds Curtis standing in his way. The pair duke it out–remember Curtis runs decathlons–and he eventually uses one of his Mr. Terrific T-Spheres to end the fight! Team Arrow busts in the windows but Roy manages to toss the relevant tech out the window, where it’s caught by a drone. Oliver does something he’s probably wanted to do for a long time and shoots Roy in the chest with an arrow after Felicity makes the call.

The team puts Roy on a table in the Arrow Cave and Felicity reveals the super high tech contact in his eye, which he was presumably receiving his orders via. Roy wakes up and reveals what’s going on, a bad guy called The Calculator found out his identity and blackmailed him into working for him, steal stuff he needs and he won’t expose him. The bad news is now he has all the supplies. Felicity begins working on a way to trace the Calculator. On the island, Shado confirms to Oliver she’s just a figment of his imagination but she’s here to help. He needs to change, and do so by “going through” the darkness in himself. Back in the present, and in Japan, Nyssa and her escort find a shrine in the woods where the long lost Katana is guarding the sacred Lotus. The pair engage in a brutal fight and Nyssa tells her they can either keep fighting or she can just give up the lotus, and she needs it for a matter that concerns Oliver Queen.

Roy and Oliver have a heart to heart about his constant taking of responsibilities which prompts a visit to Thea. After a brief hug from her former boo, Thea begins coughing and a wound on her chest opens up. Merlyn holds her down and it eventually passes. In the Arrow Cave, Felicity has found a flaw in the Calculator’s code and manages to get inside his system. The pair have a lovely voice-modulated chat where he indirectly reveals he doesn’t want to “melt the internet,” yup that’s real dialogue folks, but he plans on using it to take down the whole city. With electrical grids down, blackouts in hospitals, and broken water mains, thousands could die. While trying to think about where he could install such a device, Felicity remembers Ray’s Battering Ram from last season.

Shado and Oliver continue meditating on the island where his vision tells him that he’s actually in love with Taiana and he should make things right. Somehow a magic little rock appears in his hand. In the present, Felicity goes looking for the battering ram at Palmer Tech and after finding it, Curtis tells her that sometimes she’s like two different people. The strong, observant, and smart Felciity that just came in and commanded this situation is who Palmer Tech needs. Oliver goes to Thea to tell her his idea, he’s arranged a meeting with Darhk for maybe some sort of trade to keep her alive. Though he laments he can’t let her die, Thea tells him that’s not his call to make. It’s hers. Merlyn later sides with Thea on the mater too. As Oliver is about to head into his meeting with dark in a foggy and dark part of town, he gets the notice, they’ve tracked the Calculator’s device to a data farm.

The Calculator’s goons run in and hook up the device as Team Arrow, sans Oliver, works to fight them. Felicity is doing a different kind of fighting too, working to delay the electronic moves of the Calculator. Once he makes the bad guy mistake of revealing the only way to stop the device, Oliver leaps in. The team attaches an explosive, but one of them will have to set it off inside as the Calculator is capable of stopping the radio signal from a detonator. Roy volunteers, and when Oliver protests he tells him this is his choice. Like Thea. Get it? Oliver is learning things. As The Calculator prepares to deliver the killing key stroke, Roy hits the C4 and the whole place explodes. Someone mind telling me how that outcome didn’t also do damage to the infrastructure of Star City?

Though the band is back together after their night of fun, Roy can’t stick around and is upset he couldn’t see Thea. On the island, Oliver wakes up from his gnarly fever, with Reiter standing over him. Taiana gets him some water, but Ollie doesn’t waste time in cleansing his soul – he confesses to killing her brother. As she sobs, he opens his hand to find the little magic rock. Back in the present, Felicity goes through her presentation of The Power Cell at Palmer Tech without a hitch. As Oliver watches, the man sitting next to him comments on Felicity and we see it’s The Calculator.

Roy told another fib and went to see Thea, the pair lament that they couldn’t have a normal life together and profess their love once again. Post-presentation, Oliver leaves to see Thea and Felicity is confronted by The Calculator, who in the most obvious twist of the show we learn that she knows him, he’s her father. As Oliver goes to Thea’s apartment, Merlyn is leaving. Oliver thanks him for what he’s done for her and they shake hands, but there’s no time to celebrate because there’s something wrong with Thea. They take her to the hospital where she’s fallen into a coma. Her sickness is likely a red herring for us to think she’s in the mysterious grave, but I’m not falling for it! Once Oliver starts the process of blaming himself once again, Nyssa al Ghul appears and reveals she has something called the Lotus. Developed by rivals of The League in order to counteract the effects of the pit, she’ll hand it over for a small price: Kill Malcolm Merlyn.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled “Sins of the Father,” using the player below.