Recap: Agent Carter Episode 6, A Sin to Err

Peggy believes that Howard Stark fooled around with at least one girl in the Leviathan training program. Luckily, the lothario always left his girls with a diamond tennis bracelet upon ditching them, and the jeweler is happy to help Mr. Stark’s friends by supplying them with a list. Peggy is still mad at Jarvis, but takes him along on this endeavor – partially because she needs his help, and partially just to annoy him. After several encounters with unhappy ladies, they visit the apartment of a young lady named Ida. The place is cleaned out, but Peggy finds scratches on the bedpost, evidence of handcuffs. They split up to try to track her down.

When Jarvis and Peggy meet up at the automat later on, neither has had any luck. Peggy notices men in suits ushering everyone out of the automat and realizes what is going on. This is SSR protocol. She sends Jarvis to man the door while she beats up the agents already in there. They escape out the back door and come face to face with Thompson, waiting with a gun. She knocks him out and sets up a meet with Jarvis at the Dublin Street apartment. First she has to go back to the Griffith to retrieve Steve’s blood. I still don’t understand why she is clinging to that blood like a talisman. As she races from the alley, Sousa stops her and reads her the charges. She continues past him, knowing he won’t shoot. He doesn’t.

Peggy rushes into the Griffith, just a few minutes ahead of Thompson, Sousa, and their team. She grabs Steve’s blood but hears a commotion outside her room. With few other options, she hides on the ledge outside her window while the agents toss her room. She eventually works up the nerve to scoot down the ledge, to Angie’s window next door. She is barely able to connect with Angie when the agents come to her door to question her. She plays dumb, but when Thompson gets too close to the window, she makes up a story about Peggy’s grandmother and her own, and starts crying. This makes the male agents uncomfortable and they take their leave. With the coast clear, Angie lets Peggy in. Her brother will drop a car for her at the Dublin place. They say warm goodbyes and Peggy leaves – through the door.

In the hallway she runs into Dottie, who insists on giving her a hug goodbye. But it turns into a kiss goodbye, and Peggy gets woozy. “You’re wearing my brand,” she murmurs, and catches a glimpse of Dottie’s scarred wrist before passing out. Dottie hovers over Peggy with a knife, but before she can kill her, the agents come around. Dottie slips back into her innocent coed routine, putting away the knife. The agents drag the nearly-unconscious Peggy Carter out in handcuffs. Back at the SSR, Carter is put into an interrogation room. Sousa sets out the photo of her from that first episode, and the orb containing Steve’s blood. “Don’t go easy on her just because she’s a girl,” Dooley warns before leaving.

Dr. Ivchenko is cooperating with Dooley, even befriending him. But it is all a ruse. Dottie has killed a pervy dentist to take over his office, directly across from the SSR. She sets up a sniper’s perch and seems to be aiming at Ivchenko. Instead, she flashes Morse code using the sight of her sniper, and he taps out a response on the window ledge: “Need more time to get item. New directive: kill Peggy Carter.” Ivchenko returns to his chitchat with Dooley, talking about his obvious troubles at home. While he does this, he twists his ring, effectively hypnotizing Dooley. Luckily they are interrupted by Sousa, there to give Dooley an update on Carter. With Dooley busy organizing the team to take down Peggy, he leaves Agent Yauch in charge of Ivchenko. Ivchenko successfully hypnotizes Yauch and gets him to tell where the Stark tech is being held. He can’t take him there because Dooley has it on lockdown and is the only one allowed access. This will have to do for now. Done with Yauch, Ivchenko hypnotizes him to walk out into traffic. He does, and gets hit by a truck.

You can check out the promo for Episode 7 of “Marvel’s Agent Carter” in the player below. Titled “Snafu,” the episode is officially described as follows:

“Peggy is cornered and more vulnerable than ever as Leviathan makes their move against her. As the SSR zeroes in on Howard Stark, they may pay the ultimate price as they find their true enemy is closer than they realized.” 

“Snafu” is set to air February 17. “Marvel’s Agent Carter” airs Tuesdays at 9 P.M. EST.