Origins and Evolutions: The Flash

In January, DC Comics celebrated the 75th anniversary of The Flash, and the Scarlet Speedster is currently peaking in popularity thanks to the breakout success of “The Flash” on The CW.

The Flash has been one of DC’s most iconic heroes for decades, but having a hit TV series can go a long way towards making a character even more popular. This is actually The Flash’s second shot at television stardom, and the upcoming The Flash movie may push the character even further into the public consciousness.

If everything you know about The Flash comes from the new TV series, then you’re only getting part of the big picture. In the history of DC Comics, there have been four separate Flashes who held down their own monthly comic book titles, with numerous other Flashes spread across the past, the present and the future. More than any other DC superhero, The Flash is a family affair. Although the progression is a little strange as the line of succession goes from uncle, to nephew to the first cousin once removed, then back to the nephew and uncle again.

But don’t worry. Origins and Evolutions was created to clear up the sometimes convoluted history of the world’s greatest superheroes. By the time you’re done with this list, you’ll know everything that you need to know about The Flash!

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