The Flash 7 cover by Mike Deodato Jr
(Image Source: DC / Mike Deodato Jr.)

The Flash #7 Reveals Source of New Threat to Multiverse

The Dawn of DC The Flash series has pit Wally West and his family in a race against the collapse of reality. The series has shown various speedsters dealing with symptoms of the multiverse breaking down. The Flash #7 reveals the ultimate source of this cosmic instability, confirming it as something close to home rather than an alien menace.

The Flash #7 by Simon Spurrier and Ramón Pérez finds Wally West missing in action. As Barry Allen searches for his missing nephew, fellow speedsters Max Mercury and Impulse are in dire straits. Stranded in a hellish realm outside time, the two are found by a new group of Linear Men.

The new Linear Men, operating through the Linear Bureau, has taken up the mission of the original organization. The history of this new group of “timecops” is related to Max and Impulse by Inspector Pilgrim – a Linear Man who has the power to travel like a speedster within the confines of his own timeline. Inspector Pilgrim confirms that the Linear Bureau has been tracking the same instabilities as The Flash. Moreover, the Bureau also found the source of all the “timequakes, dimensional breakages and reality tears” that Wally West was investigating.

The Flash and Other Speedsters Are Breaking The DCU

The Flash 7 Reveals Speedsters are Destroying Reality
(Image Source: DC / Ramón Pérez)

Unfortunately, the Linear Bureau concluded that speedsters like The Flash were the source of the instability. Repeated trips through time and changes to reality were ripping holes in the fabric of time. The Speed Force, they concluded, was only hastening the destruction of all reality. Thankfully, the Linear Bureau was determined to end the looming crisis without killing anyone. However, this left Max Mercury and Impulse under arrest and beyond the reach of their allies. This suggests that Wally West may be Public Enemy #1 on the time cops’ Most Wanted list.

The Flash #7 is now available in comic shops everywhere.