Recap: Constantine Episode 10, Plus Episode 11 Promo

We learn through a variety of flashbacks how Chas got his invulnerability. Two years ago, he was at a club with John. John picked up a girl and takes her home, but before he leaves, he places a drunken spell on Chas to make sure he can drive home safely. The bands starts to play and Chas enjoys the show until a pyrotechnic accident engulfs the band and spreads through the club. Panic erupts and the crowd tries to escape, but it is chaos, and people can’t get out. Chas tries to save anyone he can, but the fire eventually gets him. He wakes in the hospital, surrounded by his wife Renee and daughter Geraldine. The doctors said he was dead when they found him – yet here he is, alive and unscathed. Turns out that “drive safe” spell was actually a protection spell that John originally thought was a legend. Merlin cast it on the Knights of the Roundtable. Because Chas died with others, he basically took on their souls. Forty-seven people died in the fire, which means Chas has 47 “lives.” He felt that this was a gift and started spending all his time helping John with his missions. While he saved lots of people, the one thing he couldn’t save was his marriage. Aw.

Okay, back to the present. It is Chas’ weekend with Geraldine, but he is late as always. Renee is mad, but Chas goes to peek in on his sleeping daughter anyway. Geraldine is passed out on the floor, blood dripping from her nose. She isn’t the only one – dozens of people in Brooklyn have fallen into mysterious “comas.”

John and Zed come to help and he promises Chas he will do whatever necessary to save his daughter. He brushes her chapped lips with Aleister Crowley’s shaving brush, and discovers soul burn. Someone stole Geraldine’s soul. John and Zed take her doll to a medium, Fennel, who works out of an army surplus store. He does the spell – begrudgingly – and contacts Geraldine. She is alone and scared, but the ceremony is “hijacked” by another mage, who speaks through Fennel, makes him levitate, says a spell, and lights Fennel on fire. The spell is a rare one, written in only five books in the world. If they find the closest book, they will find the mage. Zed steps in, does a psychic reading on the spell, and traces it back to an abandoned railway yard.

John breaks the simple cloaking spell hiding the railroad yard and confronts Felix Faust, an alchemist who was always an apprentice, never a mage. Well, now he has a sh*t-ton of power, way more than Constantine has, and he admits to owning Geraldine’s soul. He makes a deal: if John banishes this one sleep-eating demon to hell, he will give back Geraldine’s soul. John and Zed track down the demon, but their plan to send it to hell backfires when John’s lighter won’t ignite. Luckily he lifted a cattle prod from the army surplus store, and uses this to destroy the demon.

Back to Faust. Unsurprisingly, he changes the deal and won’t give up Geraldine’s spirit. Chas can’t understand why they don’t just kill him – magic dies with the magician. But John wants to continue playing his game because he isn’t strong enough to beat him. Chas has a solution for that: he punches John out and tosses him in the back of the car. Chas then returns to Faust and offers him a deal: his remaining 32 souls for Geraldine’s. To prove he has 32 souls, he slits his neck. When he wakes in a few hours, he is down to 31 souls. Faust is intrigued and agrees to take Chas’ 31 souls, plus his own, in exchange for his daughter’s. Chas agrees. John has come to and comes in. When he sees the deal being made, he begs Chas not to do it, but his mind is made up. They shake on it, but Chas throws a sinew from Achilles’ heel around Faust’s wrist. The sinew negates all magical power, which means the grenade he pulls kills him easily. Chas is now down to 30 lives. But it works: Geraldine gets her soul back, as do all the other “coma” patients.

Also: Zed is paranoid about her father’s cult, Resurrection Crusade, finding her. John puts a duplicity spell around his bunker, so if anyone tries to approach, they will actually be led away. Zed doesn’t believe it will actually help, but that doesn’t stop her from jumping on a flight to New York to take care of the coma people.

While the boys are off fighting evil, Zed is keeping Renee company at the hospital. She offers to try to communicate with Geraldine, and it works, but only for a few seconds. Then she collapses in immense pain. When she wakes later, John informs her that, basically, she blew a fuse. Before she falls back to sleep, she tells John that his mom says her death wasn’t his fault. He is shocked she spoke to his dead mother, but she is already asleep. John lays down beside her, pondering this new info. He smiles.

You can check out the promo for episode 11 of “Constantine” in the player below. Titled “A Whole World Out There,” it is officially described as follows:

“Manny sends John to help an old friend, Ritchie Simpson (guest star Jeremy Davies), at Ivy University where a group of students have a found a way into an alternate dimension only to be met by a maniacal killer (guest star William Mapother).”

“A Whole World Out There” it set to air January 30. “Constantine” airs Fridays at 8 P.M. EST.