Constantine Episode 6 Recap, Plus Episode 7 Promo

Constantine Episode 6 Recap, Plus Episode 7 Promo

There is a major commotion coming from a large Birmingham house. Inside, a little girl is curled up in the corner while her mother is crushed beneath a pile of bricks from the fireplace, and her father is thrown around until he is battered to death. When the police arrive, a female officer sits with the young girl until a male cop tells her the boss wants to see her. They start arguing, which upsets the little girl. Her eyes go vacant and a mug of coffee explodes. It gets the cops to stop fighting, though.

Constantine and Chas pay a visit to the house and do a quick incantation which allows him to see what happened when the coffee mug exploded. Based on what he sees, Constantine determines that the girl was possessed by the spirit of a child, and will now seek a new child to possess. This isn’t the first case in which parents were injured almost beyond recognition, with the child left untouched. Six cases have surfaced over the past 35 years – three of which were in the last six months. (Thanks, Rising Darkness!) The only survivor that lives nearby is Marcello, the child of the first victims in this series of murders. Marcello’s parents were killed with farming equipment, but they kind of deserved it – as punishment, his father would take him out to a bloody tree stump and axe off a finger. Authorities figured that Marcello killed his parents, and committed him to a mental institute, where he lives today. When Constantine visits, Marcello is practically comatose, so he is of no help. Constantine discovers that all the murders took place on a single ley line, so it stands to reason that the child spirit would continue on this path. Constantine and Chas follow enchanted frankincense until they find the house. Then they wait.

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The newest victim is Henry, a young fearful boy whose parents notice an immediate change in him. Mom is a bit of a coddler; dad is more of a tough love parent so he is a little less concerned with Henry’s sudden change in demeanor. Things come to a head when Henry gets bullied at school. Constantine tries to alert a teacher, who is more concerned with a strange man watching the children than the children themselves. Henry’s demon uses telekinesis to throw his bully against a merry-go-round, fracturing his skull.

Constantine uses this to his advantage, claiming to be a school counselor when he visits Henry’s house. He is welcomed in, but soon starts explaining to Daryl and Claire that their son is possessed. Daryl becomes incensed and doesn’t want anything to do with Constantine. He leaves his card, and Daryl punches him in the face. Constantine ends up in jail.

With his parents fighting downstairs, Henry becomes agitated and the demon breaks all the mirrors in his room. His parents rush in when they hear the noise, and it is then that Claire realizes Constantine is on to something. She drops the charges against him and agrees to help Constantine do whatever it takes to cure her son. Since Constantine is a little gun-shy about the idea of performing an exorcism on a child, he decides to do a binding spell.

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Claire sedates her son and leaves him with Daryl, who doesn’t know what she is doing. She joins Constantine and Chas at Marcello’s dilapidated farm house. The house has sat empty ever since the murders, so Constantine will bind the spirit there, where it all began. The seance doesn’t work; all it brings to the house is a three-legged deer, which Claire sees as a “sign.” It isn’t.

They rush back home, worried about Daryl’s safety when Henry wakes up. He is all dressed up for trick-or-treating (some kind of swamp zombie), but when Claire brings Constantine home, Daryl gets pissed and the couple start fighting. That is when Henry force-throws a chair at his dad, and Constantine figures out that the trigger is conflict.

Henry runs, and Constantine chases him into a Halloween carnival – basically a haunted house inside a school gym. He searches through the creepy scarecrow room and continues through the human abattoir before finally finding Henry in the skull tomb – holding a very real axe. The demon reveals itself briefly, and Constantine realizes this isn’t the spirit of the dead – this is Marcello. His spirit left his body and has been doing the damage. Constantine tries to “bond” with the spirit by commiserating over f*cked-up childhoods, but Constantine has no sympathy and basically tells Marcello’s spirit to suck it up: bad things happen to everyone. Henry/Marcello doesn’t take kindly to this and starts throwing Constantine around. He finally manages to grab hold of the kid, chants, and sends Marcello’s spirit back into his own body. He is still an angry, violent spirit – now in the body of a grown man – but at least he is in a secure facility with professionals who (hopefully) know how to handle him.

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You can check out the promo for episode 7 of “Constantine” in the player below. Titled “Blessed Are the Damned,” the episode is officially described as follows:

“While in art class, Zed (Angélica Celaya) has a bizarre vision of snakes that lead her and John (Matt Ryan) to a small town where a preacher has mysteriously gained the ability to heal his congregation.”

“Blessed Are the Damned” is set to air December 5. “Constantine” airs Fridays at 10 P.M.