Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 2.05 Recap and Preview for Next Week

Raina has problems besides Whitehall: Skye’s dad (who I have decided to call Doc for simplicity’s sake). She goes to Doc, asking for the obelisk back, temporarily. He becomes enraged and threatens to kill her, but backs off when Raina reminds him that she is the only one who can bring his daughter to him. So Raina uses the photo she took of Simmons as blackmail.

Raina and Coulson meet at a restaurant. When she finally gets to the point of the meeting, what she wants is simple: Skye. She wants to bring Skye to her father. In return, she will delete the photo she has of Simmons. If Coulson doesn’t agree to her terms, the photo will be sent to everyone at Hydra automatically. He has two minutes to decide. Skye, listening from the kitchen, is ready to hand herself over, but May holds her back. Coulson considers the proposition – or at least pretends to – then turns it down. As the countdown clicks closer to zero, Raina gets more nervous, more desperate, and loses her coy, flirty act. Coulson doesn’t budge. The timer goes to zero, and the email goes out. Raina is in a panic. I think she is more scared of Doc than she is of Whitehall. It’s time for Raina to put all her chips on the table, and begs Coulson to take her into custody. He won’t, and instead puts a tracker on her. She will be bait and is implanted with a tracker. Coulson wants to know where to find Skye’s dad.

At Hydra, it has been chaos all day. Bobbi Morse has been brought in to ferret out a mole at the agency after a S.H.I.E.L.D. flex screen was found in the garbage. Simmons is nervous, but plants her flex screen in Turgeon’s drawer. This buys her a brief respite, but once the photo of her goes out, there is nothing she can do but run. With guards coming at her from every direction, things look bleak. But then Bobbi starts beating the guards who are hunting Simmons. She and Simmons run to the roof, where, after a shootout, they jump off the side of the building – and onto one of the camouflage planes. A hatch opens and the women slip in. It turns out Bobbi was a S.H.I.E.L.D. plant, placed there by Coulson to keep an eye on Simmons. Now that Simmons’s cover is blown, she is back with the team, as is Bobbi – who also happens to be Hunter’s she-beast of an ex-wife. So get ready for some crazy odd-couple antics!

After Raina reveals Doc’s last known address, Skye races there on her own. She finds a photo of her dad holding her as a baby, but otherwise the place is empty. Coulson and May get there eventually, and May discovers a few bodies in the back that showed signs of being ripped apart with bare hands. Skye is no longer hopeful about being reunited with her dad – he is a monster. Doc is watching all this through secret spy cameras which he never bothered to disconnect when he left. He is angry that his daughter thinks he is a monster. The way he trashes his tablet doesn’t really help his case.

Doc goes straight to Hydra, who is in the process of a hasty move. Marching into Whitehall’s office, he easily kills the guards and presents the contents of a shiny metal case: the obelisk, or, as it is known in its native language, The Diviner. He promises to teach Whitehall how to survive using it, because they share a common enemy: Phil Coulson.

Also: Skye is getting annoyed that Coulson won’t reveal any details on where he got the strange writings she has been working so hard to decipher. With few options, she gives in and asks Ward about it (also, he needs something to do in this episode). She shows him the etchings, and he thinks that these are Garrett’s etchings. He never said what it was, but he wasn’t making a lot of sense after he was injected with the GH formula. Once he started, he couldn’t stop – and he was never the same. Earlier, Skye had seen the etchings on Coulson’s desk, and it all starts to make sense.

Sky confronts Coulson, and begs him to be honest. She is worried. Coulson promises he is fine and that May is keeping an eye on him. It seems that the GH formula caused it in both he and Garrett, but it doesn’t seem to have that effect on Skye. He didn’t say anything because he wanted to passively observe her. They had a negative reaction to alien DNA, but it doesn’t look like Skye is. The theory that Skye is alien is floated about, and Skye kind of freaks – exactly why Coulson never said anything to her. By the end of the episode, Coulson agrees to be completely honest with her, and in return, Skye will help him hunt her father. He reveals the etchings he keeps hidden behind the screen on his wall – just what he has done today. He has no idea where it comes from or what it means. Skye has a theory: she thinks it is a map.

My question this week: who is Skye’s dad? I mean, I know that is everyone’s question. I am not very familiar with the Marvel universe, but clearly her dad is someone from the comics. He has been in two episodes now, and has not been given a name. To me, that means he is someone very identifiable from the comics, and broadcasting his name will be a huge reveal. Let’s hear the theories!

In addition to announcing that the first Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser will debut with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” next week, ABC released the following description and promo for the episode, titled “A Fractured House.”

“The world turns against S.H.I.E.L.D. when Hydra impersonates them to attack The United Nations, and an unexpected enemy leads the charge to bring about their downfall.”