Comic Reviews: Moon Knight #1, Magneto #1, and Wolverine and the X-Men #1


Writer Warren Ellis brings us the latest volume of Moon Knight, and he’s fully embracing the insanity that sits at the core of the character, adding along his own brand of craziness that has created a story as captivating as it is bizarre. Many have said previously that Moon Knight is Marvel’s version of Batman, which is an even more apt comparison in the latest volume given Spector’s new found gadgets and vehicle. What makes this version of the character so appealing is how genuine Ellis treats the absurdity of Moon Knight. Wearing a bright white suit while fighting mutated ex-SHIELD agents in the sewer isn’t the kind of thing we’d expect from Spider-Man or Captain America, but it works for Moon Knight and there’s no reason to question its over-the-topness.

While taking Batman down more than two pegs along the way, Ellis is blazing a path for Moon Knight that will certainly make him stand out from many of the countless other hero books currently on the stands. Beyond his street level heroics, Moon Knight is telling the story of a broken man in a nightmarish world and that’s such a far cry form the usual stories we see in mainstream Marvel comics, as much as we do enjoy them, that it’s a breath of fresh air to see David Lynchian’s hallucinations coupled with smart crime stories.

Artist Declan Shalvey provides the pencils for this debut issue, and he does a stellar job of setting the tone. While some characters do have peculiar details that don’t appear intentional, the overall quality of the visual storytelling is fairly top notch. It’s interesting how elements of the story feel quintessentially “Marvel” in their appearance but also rugged and gloomy enough that it’s not customary of the publisher, it’s something we could use more of. Even the quieter daytime moments of the series, though few and far between, look great. Colorist Jordie Bellaire does good tandem work with Shalvey, helping establish the settings with little question and giving the story’s beats more gravitas.

Moon Knight #1 is a great debut issue for All-New Marvel NOW! Writer Warren Ellis is crafting something very special here, and the things that make it stand out from the other Marvel comics on the stands is what makes it so wonderful. Even though some elements of the art don’t exactly stick the landing, Declan Shalvey has brought Moon Knight to life in a way that is just as unique as Ellis’s script.

Rating: 9/10

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