Exclusive: Scarlett Johansson Talks About Captain America and Black Widow’s ‘Strange Pairing’

After revealing spy photos showed the two characters lip locking on set, we went back and reviewed 2012’s The Avengers to find any hints of this burgeoning relationship between two war vets. Turns out the characters do shoot a couple of admiring glances at each other, Black Widow during his first tour of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier and him right after boosting her onto a Chitauri vehicle in mid-battle.

Was it Marvel and Joss Whedon’s plan all along to hook these two up? We talked to the source herself, Scarlett Johansson, during a press junket for her new rom com Don Jon and she shed some light on the Rogers/Romanoff “pairing.”

SuperHeroHype: You said earlier this summer that in “Cap 2” your relationship with Steve Rogers gets more intense. I actually went back and watched “The Avengers” again and noticed these little glances that you and Chris give each other. It’s so subtle, not something you would think about unless you knew something was brewing. Was that something that Joss had built in?

Scarlett Johansson: No, actually. Of course in “Avengers” particularly you start to see the relationships forming between these characters, and all of us have very specific relationships with one another. Of course we all know how we feel about one another. We work and all use each other in different ways. We all have very specific opinions about one another. I think that Joss laid the groundwork for a lot of interesting connections. That’s why the audiences are so intrigued by that film because they love to see how these characters react to each other that come from completely different universes.

SHH: It makes sense, because his character and your character are sort of the most grounded of the superheroes.

Johansson: It does make sense. The pairing is strange on paper, but you’ll understand the pairing when you see “Cap 2” and of course Marvel’s really good at noticing those connections too! They will continue to build on the different relationships that audiences connect to.

Don Jon hits theaters on September 27, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in theaters on April 4, 2014.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)