Interview: Ron Perlman is Pacific Rim’s Hannibal Chau

Among the many characters you’re introduced to in Pacific Rim, Ron Perlman steals the show as Hannibal Chau. “He’s the generic war profiteer who doesn’t care how he makes his money as long as he makes it,” Perman explained in a one-on-one interview with during a press day for the film in San Francisco. In other words, when a Kaiju hits Hong Kong, Chau is there to pick up the remains of the beast once it is destroyed, harvesting every piece he can to turn a profit.

How Chau fits into the story? We’ll let you discover that for yourself when Pacific Rim opens July 12th. Click here for their brief chat with the actor whose longtime collaboration with director Guillermo del Toro began in Cronos and has thrived wonderfully ever since.