On the Set of Riddick – Part 2

In March of 2012, we landed in chilly Montreal, Quebec to meet a hero who’s cold as ice: Riddick. The lone wolf Furyan first introduced in 2000’s small-scale horror flick Pitch Black got his own roided-out big budget follow-up in the form of 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick, but that movie’s box office failure nearly sealed his doom.

Like a badass phoenix, Riddick rose from movie purgatory, thanks to the persistence of star Vin Diesel and director David Twohy, and the enthusiasm of everyone we interviewed on the set of the third movie Riddick was undeniable. This new film strands Riddick on yet another hostile planet, this time with two different groups of mercenaries after his head. Boss Johns (Matt Nable) wants some information from that head, while Santana (Jordi Mollà) just wants Riddick’s cueball noggin in a box. Then the monsters attack.

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