Hero Chat Episode 5 – December 21, 2012


We mentioned Comic-Con a few moments ago. Only Silas was actually there in Hall H, but we all heard or read the buzz. So in the five months since Comic-Con, which movies have you gotten more or less excited about? As a reminder, stuff covered there included Iron Man 3, Thor and Cap (just the titles), Guardians announced, Man of Steel footage first shown.

I’d say the big hit for me this year was Godzilla. That trailer was perfect and I can’t believe it hasn’t been released.

And for that matter, have you gotten more excited about other projects like Justice League since it was announced?

I won’t really get excited for Justice League until there’s a director.

I do think that there’s a general consensus that stuff shown at Comic-Con should be exclusive and not just dumped online.

I agree with Silas. And it’s going to take one hell of a name to get me excited about Justice League.

I have to say that I’m more excited for Thor and that’s only cause I’ve been on set and was told a lot of stuff I can’t repeat (’cause I’m under embargo) What about Man of Steel? More excited the more you see or less excited?

I’ve heard some stuff on the Thor front. It sounds … big.

I’ll admit I haven’t seen the new trailer yet.

I think my interest in Man of Steel got a nice bump with the trailer.

Man of Steel and Star Trek are interesting for me because they’re really, really personal properties to me and the movies, at this point, could really go either way. But in both cases, I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’m weird but I just can’t get excited about Superman anymore. I just haven’t seen anything really exciting done with the character in decades.

The one that I’m most excited about though is Pacific Rim.

I’m trying to stay even handed on Man of Steel. I was on set for Sucker Punch and that got me incredibly excited for that movie. Snyder really disappointed me there. I’m hoping we’re going to see a new side of him with his take on Superman, and that’s backed up by the trailer… but I’m trying not to get too head over heels until I know more.

Josh, so true about Sucker Punch. They really had a great presentation there… and having all those cute actresses in front of you didn’t hurt.

I know it’s silly but the lack of red shorts still bugs me. But I remain somewhat of a Sucker Punch defender. I mean, it’s not great but there’s a lot that I admire.

Silas, thank you! I started feeling like the only one who wasn’t totally buying that costume.

I’ll admit I haven’t seen it.

And I think it’s all about the underpants. Superman is manly enough to rock underpants! That’s part of the gig! You can’t ditch the shorts!

I dunno.. i think Superman’s costume needs updating. Not sure I like the one currently in the comics though Has anyone ever explained how those outer underpants came about?

I think the updated costume is the result of a legal team worried about creator lawsuits and it just rubs me the wrong way.


Granted, most guys aren’t the best costume designers in terms of style but putting your underwear under the pants seems like the first misstep

I get the idea of wanting a superhero who doesn’t wear underpants on his super suit. That makes sense. But he’s a gentleman. He covers up. That’s part of who Superman is!

And if you’re embarrassed about Superman’s sillier aspects, you’re doing it wrong.

I do think Zack Snyder will have Superman punching lots of people/things in the face. That alone is worth getting excited about. I just hope he has the juice on the character/story front. Not convinced on that. Spencer, you mentioned Pacific Rim. I’m very excited about that, but mostly because Del Toro’s enthusiasm is infectious. The trailer left me kind of cold.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the trailer, either.

That might be because I only saw it online and not in theaters. I think that’s a trailer that doesn’t do well on the computer.

I just started to watch it and I thought… what a load of pretentious bullcrap.

Honestly — and I know this is internet blasphemy — I’m wondering if I’m even a fan of del Toro.

Yeah, that’s blasphemy, Silas. I think you’re banned from Hero Chat for that 🙂

I love how excited he gets but the only movie of his I think I genuinely love is Devil’s Backbone.

I loved it but all the elements in it are things that I really enjoy. Giant Monsters, Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, GLaDOS’ Voice….

Good, then I’ll fly to L.A. to do the PacRim junket… oh, wait… still have to contend with Ryan. 🙁 I loved both Blade 2 and Hellboy: The Golden Army and his other movies

I’m not sure how I feel about GLaDOS. I mean, it’s a cool nod but it’s sort of like casting R. Lee Ermey as a military guy.

I also visited the set of PacRim, so I also know how much they have to work with.

(Shameless plug alert) We did a trailer commentary with Guillermo on MTV, and it’s his enthusiasm there that really gets me excited. He’s appealing to a lot of the things I loved as a kid, and still do… giant robots beating the crap out of giant monsters, and vice versa. I think he’s genuinely as excited about that very basic concept as any other fanboy, and that’s very cool to see.

Oh, I haven’t watched the PacRim trailer yet either.

So my enthusiasm is really only going on his enthusiasm. The trailer itself… it just didn’t win me over.

That’s true Silas, I kind of wish they had kept that a secret until we went in to the movie and heard it.

GDT’s enthusiasm is absolutely infectious… but he’s always backed it up with quality filmmaking, even on the movies he’s produced. Sure, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark may not have been a masterpiece, but there were still things I liked about it.

I do like Splice quite a bit!

Creature design. The guy knows how to deliver disturbingly memorable creatures.

One of the weirder movies I saw that year.

And seeing as PacRim is ALL creature design, I think we’ll be set in that regard.

But going back to my earlier question, I’m more excited about PacRim than I was at Comic-Con although I’ve learned to temper my excitement and anticipation on things.

I have too, but I feel like all the excitement I was holding back is now overboiled and is focused specifically on Pacific Rim.

I’m looking forward to the PacRim comics, too. Surprised they haven’t announced artists yet. BTW, a little teaser for those who read Hero Chat… PacRim will be my #1 Most Anticipated movie of 2013 when I post that list in a couple of weeks.

It might be mine, too. Not the one I think is going to be a surefire hit, but the one I’m most looking forward to checking out.

It probably wouldn’t even be in my top five, but I hope that changes.

I guess Iron Man 3 is one of the ones I’m just not sure if it’s going to live up to past movies. And I actually liked Iron Man 2, unlike others.

I can say from experience that watching IM2 edited into a ten-hour supercut really makes it work a lot better 🙂 

Shane Black has me very excited about Iron Man 3. I love what he and RDJ did in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

I love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang too, but that’s a quirky little indie movie. Not Iron Man 3. BTW, Silas, how many times have you interviewed GDT this year? I’ve seen him four times I think.

I think three or four myself, but two of those were real brief.

And I’ve never even met him! Tell him to find me whenever he’s in Atlanta.

Spencer, don’t worry. Stick with CS/SHH and you’ll be sick of GDT by 2015 🙂 Just kidding, Guillermo! I’ll never be sick of you!!!

Speaking of GDT, can I just throw out how weird it is that he worked on Rise of the Guardians and never pointed out the similarities to The Invisibles?

Conspiracy theory!!!!!

But I think there are similarities between the two. A hero who is a fish out of water, a colorful ensemble cast, escalating situation after escalating situation … it’s Shane’s sweet spot. Is Guardians worth checking out? I’ve heard mixed things.

But it’s five “superheroes” pulling a troubled teenage youth named Jack Frost into their secret order because one of their original five has died. It’s really, really similar right down to the proper nouns.

Yeah, I guess… but now that you mention it Silas, I can see the similarities between Rise of the Guardians and Invisibles. I’m not sure people who read The Invisibles was the audience they were looking for. 🙂 Oh, that’s right… he was called Jack Frost. Well, I certainly would bring that up.  The funny thing is that I interviewed GDT and Grant Morrison within minutes of each other at NY Comic-Con. I know Grant fairly well so next time I see him I’ll ask.

That’s awesome!

Anyway… should we get back on topic or should we move on? It seems to me like anticipation for Man of Steel and PacRim are way up and Iron Man may be slipping.

I think that as soon as IM3 arrives everyone is going to remember how much they love Iron Man.

I’m a Marvel dude, and I’m so pumped for phase two, so on that alone, I can’t wait to see what IM3 brings.

Yeah, you may be right. I’m usually a Marvel dude but the DC comics are so much better these days.

That may actually lead into something I wanted to bring up.

I’ve always had to work to get into DC. I came to it too late to break in. I’m really enjoying Marvel Now.

In the next segment we talk about the Marvel NOW! books we’ve been liking and Silas shares some SPOILERY Superior Spider-Man theories.