Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 5 – What Did You Think?!

For the first time ever, Harley Quinn did not appear in Harley Quinn! Instead, Batman returned to Gotham City after spending months in a coma. But the Dark Knight is far from ready to reclaim the night. DC Universe has released Harley Quinn Season 2 episode 5, and we want to hear what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

When he finally woke up from his coma, Bruce Wayne discovered that Gotham has gone to Hell without him. In his place, Batgirl and a new hero called The Macaroni have emerged. However, Batman was particularly upset by Barbara Gordon’s new alter ego. Unfortunately, Batgirl disregarded Batman’s wishes and prematurely announced his return to the city.

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Thanks to Harley Quinn, Two-Face and Bane were the last two major criminals left in Gotham City. Although Two-Face initially rejected Bane’s offer to team up, he reconsidered after Batman’s apparent return emboldened Gotham’s citizens. Regardless of Bane’s wishes, Two-Face downplayed their new partnership. When Batman took on Bane in an enhanced suit, the enraged criminal actually managed to maim the Dark Knight. Only the timely arrival of Batgirl and The Macaroni saved Batman’s life. Batman also realized that Alfred was secretly The Macaroni all along.

Bruce finally had to face the reality of his physical limitations. Shortly thereafter, Batman introduced Commissioner Gordon to Batgirl and asked them to work together while he recovers. However, Barbara nearly outed herself as Gordon’s daughter in the process.

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