Hero Chat Episode 5 – December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays, everyone, and welcome back to Hero Chat for our fifth episode! And if all you wanted for Christmas was a Hero Chat with two guys named Josh you’re getting just that, but before we introduce our guests, let’s say “hey” to my co-host from down South, Mr. Spencer Perry!

“Well we’re at the end of the year already, seems like just yesterday that I started working here at SHH. That in mind I’d like to take a few minutes to thank some people. Thanks to my fellow SHH writers Mirko, Ed, and Silas for welcoming me here and being so supportive. Also, huge thanks to Ryan Turek of ShockTillYouDrop. Finally, thank you dear reader for coming back day in and day out, we wouldn’t be doing this without you.






On the next page we talk along similar lines about how the recent trailers for movies like Pacific Rim and Man of Steel and other news has affected opinion on projects since this year’s Comic-Con.