Hero Chat Episode 5 – December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays, everyone, and welcome back to Hero Chat for our fifth episode! And if all you wanted for Christmas was a Hero Chat with two guys named Josh you’re getting just that, but before we introduce our guests, let’s say “hey” to my co-host from down South, Mr. Spencer Perry!

“Well we’re at the end of the year already, seems like just yesterday that I started working here at SHH. That in mind I’d like to take a few minutes to thank some people. Thanks to my fellow SHH writers Mirko, Ed, and Silas for welcoming me here and being so supportive. Also, huge thanks to Ryan Turek of ShockTillYouDrop. Finally, thank you dear reader for coming back day in and day out, we wouldn’t be doing this without you.

We have a bunch of special guests this week, but first we should introduce the one who doesn’t write for one of ComingSoon.net’s websites but is a bonafide comic book fan over at MTV, Mr. Josh Wigler.

Josh Wigler is the editor of MTV Splash Page and MTV Movies Blog. He’s covered film, television and comic books for a variety of outlets including Comic Book Resources, AOL Comics Alliance and Wizard Magazine. The keys to his heart are, in no particular order, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” “Aliens,” “Preacher,” “Ghostbusters 2,” (yes, really) “Survivor” (YES, REALLY) and copious amounts of pizza and beer. He’s on Twitter @roundhoward.

And we did promise you two Joshes this time, so later in the chat ComingSoon.net’s resident film critic Joshua Starnes swung by and threw out a doozy of a topic. We’re also joined once again by ComingSoon.net’s L.A. correspondent, Mr. Silas Lesnick, who needs no introduction if you’ve been reading the site for a while.

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So, 2012 is coming to a close, and we’re looking ahead at a pretty solid year of movies and maybe I’m alone on this, but am I the only one who can’t stop thinking about 2015? Avengers sequel, new Star Wars, Fantastic Four reboot, maybe Justice League… I’m having trouble staying focused on what’s right in front of me when 2015 is looming so large in the distance. Anyone else?

Ha ha… obviously you haven’t read through some of the previous Hero Chats 🙂

I was just thinking today when we put up our “2013 Movie Guide” that I can’t wait to write the “2015 Movie Guide” in two years.

I love how you both assume that the Mayans were wrong. We might not even see next week! 🙂

I plan to live forever! Not even armageddon will stand between me and that Avengers sequel.

I’m still convinced one of those won’t happen in 2015, probably Star Wars.

If any of them fall off I agree it will be the Wars.

As great as 2013 was and 2015 looks to be, Star Trek and Superman still have me excited for this summer.

Right now I’m really focused on finishing up 2012 but yeah, I definitely am thinking that I better start eating/living healthier if I want to make it through the next three years. I haven’t watched either of those trailers. Like I said, I need to be focused on 2012… at least outside Hero Chat 🙂 BTW, isn’t Ant-Man going to be 2015 too? Did you mention that one? 🙂

No! See? All of the movies!

No, you didn’t mention Ant-Man!!! I’ve been waiting for that one since 2006!

And the Fantastic Four reboot!

Isn’t time travel supposed to be here by now?

So what happens if you go to the future and the Avengers sequel sucks? Do you come back into the present day and tell people or do you keep going back in time trying to convince Joss Whedon to make it better?

That one I got. I’m oddly excited for it, too, even after the disastrous first two. Josh Trank has my money.

I can sort of take or leave the FF reboot until I know more, but Ant-Man has always been a favorite of mine and Edgar Wright seems perfect for it. Imagine the crazy world where Whedon suddenly steps off Avengers 2 as director so he can do Star Wars.

They’re both tough in their own right… FF because we do have those two movies for comparison and Ant-Man cause he’s never been on screen before.

I play time travel by Lost rules. Whatever happened, happened. If I went back to convince Whedon, I’d be the reason why Avengers 2 sucks. So… I’d probably just hang in the future and wait for Avengers 3. Ant-Man in Edgar Wright’s hands just feels like it’s destined to be amazing. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to see that test reel.

I would think that people would use time travel more constructively.. like in my case to go back in time and become elementary school sweethearts with Olivia Wilde.

I went to high school (for a bit) with Lindsay Lohan. It doesn’t always work out well.

Hero Chat suddenly got weird.

Josh, you didn’t go to Comic-Con? I missed all the cool stuff.

I did go to Comic-Con but I was on interview/writing lockdown. No panels, unfortunately.

Yup, same here. Silas was the lucky duck who got to sit in Hall H all day and see Ant-Man, Godzilla, etc.

At least you got to go 🙁

BTW, World’s End is done shooting which means Edgar can focus on finishing that up and starting Ant-Man.

Silas, how was that Marvel panel in person? Even just reading about it in real time, I was losing my mind.

Josh, yeah I was sitting upstairs above Hall H and heard the whole place shaking for Godzilla.

It was pretty awesome. I’m hoping the Ant-Man footage will be on the super Avengers briefcase set.

Same, hopefully it’s not just posters or some nonsense.

That would be very cool. I haven’t ordered that yet. I’m a little worried that the movies of 2013 and 2014 will be forgotten if everyone is just looking ahead to 2015.

Or will it make us appreciate them that much more?

Kind of like last year with GL, Thor and Cap.. none of them did huge numbers. I hope so. I feel that Iron Man 3 is already taking a back seat to other summer movies which shouldn’t be the case.

Iron Man 3’s box office is going to be very interesting to see what influence Avengers has.

I don’t think we’ll see Avengers-sized numbers until 2015. Though it sounds like Captain America could be a mini-Avengers, so that’s a dark horse for me. Cap, Fury, Widow, Maria Hill, Falcon… maybe room for Hawkeye in there, too. A lot of that gang getting back together.

Is Widow definitely in Cap? I hadn’t heard that, but yeah, it makes sense Hawkeye will be there.

Yeah, she is for sure.

Plus I think the modern setting for that will help pull in more people than the first film.

I expect some of the Guardians of the Galaxy to be introduced in Thor.

Fingers crossed for Groot.

Really? I’m still so on the fence about how all of that will work.

Which of the movies from 2015 do you think will be considered a failure compared to the others?

In terms of fitting it into the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe story… how to introduce it in stingers and what not.

Ant-Man doesn’t count.

My gut wants to say JLA since it doesn’t have the building blocks Star Wars and Avengers have.

I think we should take Fantastic Four out of that equation and just leave in Avengers 2, Justice League, and Star Wars. Fox has to show us something absolutely huge to really put FF on that pedestal.

I’m going to say Star Wars ’cause it’s going to be hard to fit in characters people may know and it may be a whole new thing.

But with Star Wars you have the added benefit of “it couldn’t get a lot worse.”

I think Star Wars is going to be enormous. Just the reaction to that news alone makes it feel like a behemoth in the making.

I will say that Star Wars will be better if they hire Genndy Tartakovsky to storyboard the action scenes like he did with Iron Man 2.

I’d say JLA has the biggest challenge, but that’s partially because we know so little about it.

Darkseid seemed like the obvious villain. I’m dubious of that Infinite Earths storyline rumor.

I’m dubious of most of the JLA rumors.

I’m with Silas and Spencer. Justice League has so much to prove. That said, the building blocks ARE there… Green Lantern lore is established and they don’t need to lean on Hal Jordan, which cuts RR loose; Man of Steel gives us our Superman; and if, big if, those John Blake rumors are true…

John Blake?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Oh, about Robin? No, those aren’t true. Neither is Matthew Vaughn doing Star Wars. But I’m going with Star Wars. The fanbase just won’t be happy with anything that isn’t up there with the original trilogy.

 Then Justice League is further along than we might be giving it credit for.

I’d like to see them go with John Stewart as the Green Lantern in the film.

Me, too… and I just interviewed Common two days ago, too!! Dammit. They need to introduce The Wasp to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, too… and The Vision.

Surely she’s in Ant-Man.

I hope so. Who will play her? Lizzy Kaplan? 🙂

I could see her getting introduced in Avengers 2 and playing a bigger role in Ant-Man, to bridge those two better.

That’s a sound idea.

Whedon has to introduce some new heroes in A2, she would be right up there as a natural choice, I’d think.

i always thought she’d be introduced in Ant-Man, but if that comes after Avengers, both those characters will probably be introduced there.

I don’t think there’s any rush to introduce her. Because she doesn’t require a crazy amount of setup.

No, I think we’ll see Captain/Ms. Marvel before her. It’s going to be interesting to see what they do in the “Avengers Assemble” comic book because that tends to telegraph what Marvel Studios is thinking.

On the next page we talk along similar lines about how the recent trailers for movies like Pacific Rim and Man of Steel and other news has affected opinion on projects since this year’s Comic-Con.