The Resident Evil Films: A Look Back and at What’s to Come

What it’s about: Equal parts “Mad Max” and “Day of the Dead,” “Resident Evil: Extinction” might be the biggest departure from the games at the time of its release, but it’s the most daring in creative terms. Set five years after the Raccoon City incident, we see the Earth has been consumed by the T-Virus. While the survivors and their desert convoy vie to get to Alaska, the Umbrella Corporation is still around even after the world has blown over and they’ve got other plans in mind. The thing about the Umbrella Corporation conspiracy that is extremely interesting at this point is that it’s no longer clearly defined who is up to what. Sure Dr. Isaacs is a bad guy doing all those experiments, but he clearly has different motives from the rest of the Umbrella employees.
The best moments: The opening sequence was one of the most confusing things in the entire series to me until it was revealed that it was more of a test on the Alice clone than the actual Alice. The sequence with Alice and the undead dogs fighting in the pit is pretty thrilling, plus the scene when Carlos Olivera plows through all those zombies with the gas tanker and then it blows up sending them flying in the air is awesome.
How does it hold up to the games: The first appearances of Claire Redfield and Albert Wesker will be what got most fans excited about this one and there’s the added villainy of the infected ravens and the Tyrant. Though it pre-dates the game “Resident Evil 5,” it still manages to have a similar feel to it as well, and the big fight between Alice and the Tyrant in the secret underground base is the section of the film that is most like the games.
What is its connection to the other films: While it does jump ahead five years and implies events that could have made for a good movie, it’s still pretty heavily connected. It plants the seeds of what the next few films will be with the inclusion of Wesker, the hopes for salvation in Alaska, and the introduction of the Umbrella Corporation network that spreads across the globe, with an emphasis on Tokyo.
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