Exclusive Video Interview with Stan Lee

Over the weekend, DreamWorks Animation hosted a special event in downtown Los Angeles to promote their new superhero (or supervillian) film, Megamind. Attracting over 1,580 costumed fans, the event set a new Guiness World Record for the most superheroes gathered in one location.

Though the crowd ran the gamut from Marvel characters to the Distinguished Competition to everyone in-between (including Will Ferrell, Megamind director Tom McGrath and DreamWorks Animation producer and CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg), there could be no denying that the most memorable face on the scene that day belonged to Stan Lee, the ever-smiling man of legend, who needs no introduction.

SuperHeroHype caught up with Stan on the event’s red carpet, where he shared his thoughts on future Marvel movie cameos, the casting of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and what he feels 3D could mean for the Spider-Man reboot.

Check out the video interview below and be sure to check out Megamind in theaters November 5th.