Exclusive: Jonah Hill on Megamind

Actor Jonah Hill has had a fairly busy year, bookended by providing his voice for arguably two of DreamWorks Animation’s finest films, first in How to Train Your Dragon and now in the superhero comedy Megamind. (In between, he appeared opposite John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei in the Duplass brothers’ Cyrus–if you’re a Jonah Hill fan and you haven’t seen it yet, add it to your Netflix queue–and Get Him to the Greek.)

In Megamind, Hill voices the role of Hal, a nerdy news cameraman who by chances becomes the recipient of superpowers from the supervillain Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell*) to fill a gap after the death of Metro City’s greatest hero Metroman (Brad Pitt). Now you would think that Metroman’s biggest fan when given superpowers himself would use them for the greater good and to help mankind. Well, let’s just say that you would have thought wrong, because Hal’s superpowered alter-ego Tighten (sic) doesn’t exactly follow Megamind’s gameplan.  

SuperHeroHype had a chance to sit down with Hill earlier this week and besides talking about his dual role as Hal and Tighten and how different that was from doing “Dragon,” we also got to talk about working with director David Gordon Green on his new movie The Sitter and asked him about some of the casting rumors for his remake of 21 Jump Street. If Brad Pitt were doing interviews for Megamind, he probably would be getting lots of dolled-up 22-year-old journalism students asking him questions, so you kind of have to feel bad for Jonah Hill, who seemed to be getting a string of fat, bearded guys with glasses. That’s showbiz!

Megamind opens everywhere on Friday, November 5 in 3D theaters, IMAX theaters and maybe even a few boring old 2D theaters as well.

 * In the interview, it is not acknowledged that Will Ferrell previously voiced the Curious George movie released in 2006 as well.