Transformers 3 and Spider-Man Bits

In an article talking about Shia LaBeouf’s new agent, it is mentioned that the actor will likely start shooting Transformers 3 in May. The third installment is scheduled for a July 1, 2011 release, so it makes sense that they would be getting started soon.

Also, some sites are reporting the following Entertainment Weekly update about the Spider-Man reboot as fact, but we’re going to slap a “rumor” sticker on it for now:

This time around, the series will place Peter Parker in a more contemporary setting, as a teenager battling today’s issues… Who will helm the new film is anyone’s guess but with the studio interested in a more gritty, contemporary redo of the series, they are certainly focused on younger directors making waves in Hollywood. One name that has popped up is Marc Webb, the man behind (500) Day of Summer… Michael Bay has also previously expressed interest in taking over the Spider-Man franchise and Seabiscuit director Gary Ross worked on one of the drafts of Spider-Man 4 and is said to be a huge fan of the comic book series.

In related news, Alan Cumming told The New York Times that the “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark” play, in which he will star as the Green Goblin, has been delayed.

Source: Deadline Hollywood, EW, The New York Times