Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Toy and Collectibles Deals for Nov 15

It’s beginning to be that time of year for toys. But you never know how annoying it might get to go outside and shop. Buy online! In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better choices that has running as of publication time. Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand. These look like the best toy deals for Nov 15.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Man-Bat Mega Action Figure



McFarlane Toys excels at the larger, more monstrous figures, and good ol’ Kirk Langstrom here looks every bit as sinister and nightmare-inducing as he needs to. The villain on the very first episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Man-Bat literally embodies what criminals think Batman is. And serves as a reminder that bats are frightening, not just to superstitious, cowardly types.

Avengers Marvel Legends Series Disney Plus Sharon Carter Falcon and The Winter Soldier MCU Series Action Figure 6-inch Collectible Toy, Includes 4 Accessories and 2 Build-A-Figure Part


For whatever reason, this Sharon Carter figure is running $2 cheaper than the rest of her upcoming Marvel Legends wave. Own the real Power Broker of the MCU, complete with knife, baton, alternate hands, and the head and lance of Infinite Ultron. Her famous ancestor might be ashamed, but you’ll be proud of getting a decent deal on an ML figure for once.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Daily Bugle 76178 Building Set for Adults (3772 Pieces)


Peter Parker’s employer is under attack! Build a multi-story skyscraper for J. Jonah Jameson to lord over when publishing the paper, then convert it to battle-damaged when villains attack! Includes several floors of action along with a street level diorama and clear rods to display characters who fly. It’s pricey, but this rare $50 off discount should help a little bit.

Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series General Grievous Action Figure


One of the original Black Series deluxe Star Wars figures, Grievous comes with all that he should. Four lightsabers, a blaster, and a cape with pockets to carry his saber hilts. The cyborg leader of the droid armies may be most uncivilized, but he can wield many weapons at once and strike a lot of poses.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS San Diego Comic-Con 2021 Exclusive Tron Deluxe Action Figure Box Set


Diamond Select’s Tron figures featured movie-styled sculpts and paint, but these exclusive versions feature translucent, bright-colored plastic in the style of the vintage ’80s toys. Put them under blacklight, or even regular light, to make them shine like their movie counterparts.

Mondo Tees X-Men Animated Series: Wolverine 1:6 Scale Previews Exclusive Action Figure, Multicolor


As seen in the opening credits of the X-Men animated series, Mondo’s Wolverine action figure includes multiple heads and hands, including a set with electric blue slash effects. With black linework, multiple points of articulation, and a cheaper price than initially offered, this may be the ultimate Logan for cartoon fans.

NECA The Boys: Starlight Ultimate 7″ Action Figure


Rated one of Superhero Hype’s ten best figures of last year, NECA’s Starlight is a gorgeous figure with stunning Erin Moriarty likeness. Perhaps her deep discount price is due to the company revealing they won’t be making any more The Boys figures, but she’s still an amazing likeness with a ton of poseability who’ll look great in displays and on the shelf.

DC Multiverse The Dark Knight Returns Superman 7″ Action Figure with Build-A Horse Parts & Accessories


This Superman fights for “truth,” “justice,” the police state, and Ronald Reagan. In The Dark Knight Returns, Batman’s none too fond of the big boy scout’s unquestioning allegiance to a Cold War POTUS of dubiously sound mind. The figure comes with two horse hind legs, to help put together a ride for Batman when Gotham falls to chaos.

G.I. Joe Classified Series B.A.T. Action Figure 33 Collectible Premium Toy with Multiple Accessories 6-Inch-Scale with Custom Package Art


Once a high-in-demand G.I. Joe figure, Cobra’s Battle Android Trooper now not only shows up in stock, but at a lower price too. Replace his chest panel and head with battle-damaged versions, and switch out his right hand for several weapons attachments.



The cosmic enforcer who fights for balance — and thus, on both sides of a given conflict at times — gets a makeover for the New Eternia Masterverse line. Add shoulder pads and a holster to make him look more like early concept art, or take them off for his classic look. He’s armed with both the ’80s-style pistol and the 2002 battle staff.

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