Superhero Hype’s Best Entertainment Earth Deals and Preorders for Feb 10

It’s time once again to explore this site’s partnership with a retailer more specifically focused on collectibles and superhero items, many of which prove impossible to procure on non-specialty sites. Entertainment Earth serves as home to many figures, statues, exclusives and more, tailored to our specific interests. And not just that — they also have several great deals going on at any given time. In our semi-regular feature, we highlight the best hot new items up for preorder, as well as the best clearance offers. Here are the best deals and preorders for Feb 10.

Deadpool Marvel Legends 6-Inch Lady Deadpool Action Figure


Imagine if Ryan Reynolds were a hot lady. The feminine counterpart to Wade Wilson doesn’t just fill out the suit better — from a certain point of view. She also comes with Headpool, the beanie-wearing, flying severed head, who “levitates” on a translucent stand. Also includes two large katanas, and the leg of Sauron.

Eternals Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 Set


Deciding whether or not to collect the Eternals can get tough. Any fan of the movie would want them all. But what if you buy Ikaris, then can never find Kingo, because the local Walmart attracts passionate Kumail Nanjiani fans? Just buy a complete set at Entertainment Earth, all at once. Then all that remains is to seek out Kro, and the retail exclusive Ajak and Thena…

Penny Dreadful Dorian Gray 6-Inch Action Figure – Convention Exclusive, Not Mint


How often does anyone get the chance to own a toy of a character created by Oscar Wilde? The hedonistic immortal with the aging painting gets a 6-inch rendition here, as played by Reeve Carney on Showtime’s horror crossover series Penny Dreadful. Part of a limited run of 3,700, the figure also includes the character’s signature goblet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Foot Soldier 7-Inch Action Figure


Step off, Turtles! The Foot Clan is here. And at $44.99, it’s at an older, cheaper price point than Super7’s more recent output. This 7-inch scale robotic enforcer comes loaded with ninja weapons, based on the original Playmates toy with modern articulation and sculpting applied.

Star Wars The Black Series Dark Trooper Deluxe 6-Inch Action Figure


The Dark Trooper cost the Empire a pretty penny, and now they’ll cost you one two. Upping the price above all previous deluxe Star Wars Black Series figures, Hasbro’s asking nearly $34 for this, knowing collectors will want multiples. So far, it’s been pre-selling out at other outlets, so the price seems to be no object. Grab one now if you want it.

Hellboy Liz Sherman 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure


Hellboy‘s pyrokinetic pal Liz gets the 3-3/4 inch action figure treatment in Super7’s retro-style line. Now she can fight evil driving a compatible Star Wars or G.I. Joe vehicle. If shooting fire from her hands ever gets old or taxing.

Avengers: Endgame Hulk S.H.Figuarts Action Figure


Oddly, Marvel Legends never made a figure of Smart Hulk in his Quantum suit. But Figuarts have fans covered. In a similar, 6-inch scale (7.5 here, because he’s big), Dr. Banner’s enhanced form features multiple points of innovative articulation. He may not seem cheap by U.S. standards, but he’s 10% off for now.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Projection Talking Action Figure, Not Mint



Spider-Man isn’t the only Marvel character to star in an Academy Award-winning movie. Before Into the Spider-Verse won Best Animated Feature, Big Hero 6 did it first. And while Disney’s lovable, inflatable version differs a lot from the comics, he remains a marvel of his own. This 10-inch Baymax figure includes a unique projection feature that displays scenes –and plays sounds — from his movie…inside his torso! Grab this guy before his Disney+ series makes him super-popular again.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Ronin Mandalorian and Grogu Beskar Armor Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure – Free Shipping


The Mandalorian draws heavily on the samurai comic Lone Wolf and Cub, previously filmed as Shogun Assassin, so this toy is a return to roots. Mando wears Japanese-style armor with a vintage musket and katana, as he pushes a top-knotted Grogu in his little cart. These fully articulated figures are sure to see high demand, so don’t delay in preordering.

Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Warduke 7-Inch Scale Action Figure


The classic LJN figure with Battle-Matic action gets a NECA makeover. The price may look higher, but the upgraded detail even more so. Hasbro’s own plans for a Dungeons and Dragons figure line may seem stalled for now, but it seems they’ve outsourced for the ultimate in 7-inch fantasy action.

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