Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Toy and Collectibles Deals for Feb 4

It’s never a bad time of year for toys. But with no Comic-Con this past summer, and few toy retailers open even if folks wanted to leave the house, it’s tough to shop for them. Buy online! In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better deals for Feb 4 that has running as of publication time. Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand.

McFarlane Toys DC Justice League Movie Superman 7″ Action Figure


Restore the Snyderverse to your collection with this figure of Henry Cavill’s Superman, resurrected form the dead to join the Justice League. Includes a flight stand, trading card, and one of McFarlane’s better actor likenesses to date. (Along with The Witcher, they’ve had time to practice their Henry heads.)

NECA Back to The Future Doc Brown Action Figure [Ultimate Version, Wrench, Flux Capacitor Drawing & Blueprint]


Great Scott! He just hit his head in the bathroom, and now he knows the secrets of time travel! NECA’s first Doc Brown action figure captures all the manic intensity of Christopher Lloyd’s timeless performance. And for a NECA figure on Amazon, it’s reasonably priced, too.

Masters of the Universe Masterverse Collection, Revelation Moss Man 7-in Motu Battle Figure


Sure he got killed — twice! — in Masters of the Universe: Revelation. He’s still the coolest figure in the toy line, and somehow manages it without real-feel fuzz or pine scent. That’s because he’s the first Moss Man not to sport a straight-up reuse of Beast Man’s body. And he has a root extension hand thing. Also makes a passable Swamp Thing figure for the DC collection, if you’re not a stickler.

Star Wars The Black Series Q9-0 (Zero) Toy 6-Inch-Scale The Mandalorian Collectible Figure with Accessories


Zero here didn’t last long on The Mandalorian, but his voice, by Richard Ayoade, proved sufficiently cool that Mando resurrected his parts to make a universal translator. You can’t take this one apart like that, but he can still stand around dioramas looking badass and scary, like a metal bug with a gun. Just understand he can be outsmarted by babies.

Playmobil Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701


$375 is one hell of a good deal for a $500 toy. Over three feet long, this epic Star Trek playset by Playmobil includes app-enabled features, plus fully functional bridge and engineering play areas. Also comes with both a display base and a mobile assembly to hang it from the ceiling.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS DC Gallery: The Dark Knight Returns Batman & Robin Deluxe PVC Figure Diorama, Multicolor


However many action figures different companies make of these characters, they’ll never strike this pose without exposing obvious points of articulation. Frank Miller’s Batman and Carrie strike a pose aboard the kind of steamy rooftop Gotham City’s known for. One that looks way too small to top an inhabited building, but never mind that.

LEGO Marvel The Eternals in Arishem’s Shadow 76155 Building Kit


How often does anyone get to build God in their living room? Arishem, the Celestial who apparently created the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stands a foot tall and towers over LEGO minfigs. He’s fully articulated, but also comes with a buildable deviant, as well as Ajak, Ikaris, Sersi, and Kingo.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Cobra Kai Raph vs. John Kreese 2 Pack


Can evil karate man John Kreese manage to strike first on a ninja turtle? Playmates would like to imagine so, in this odd match-up set pitting the Karate Kid/Cobra Kai villain against the moodiest of the TMNT. Raph, left to his own devices, could be a great Cobra Kai, but he’d never let Kreese be the boss. And Splinter is 100% Miyagi-do.

Super 7 Thundercats Ultimates Captain Cracker 7″ Scale Action Figure


It’s super-rare for Super7 Ultimates figures to go down in price on the secondary market. And yet, here’s Captain Cracker at a big discount. The robot space pirate includes multiple hands, weapons, an extra head, and even interchangeable wings for his parrot. But can he beat the ThunderCats? Probably not, but your toys, your call.

NECA King Kong Figure Illustrated Color Edition


All hail the King! One who never looked quite like this before, except on old poster and magazine art. The trippy color combo brings that stylized appearance to a fully formed and articulated figure, with interchangeable head and hands.

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