Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Game Deals for Oct 28

Families need to play together, and game suggestions are at hand. Be they video, board, or based on same, our guide wants to aid your fun time. In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better deals has running as of publication time. We look to find highly rated sci-fi and fantasy games both obvious and not, that come highly recommended, as well as game-related merchandise. (All ideally are cheap or discounted, of course.) Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand. Here are the deals for Oct 28.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition – PlayStation 4


In a naming conundrum, this U.S. Resident Evil installment adopted the original Japanese game name as its subtitle, and vice versa! Join Chris Redfield and team in a first-person take on the classic franchise inside a haunting Louisiana mansion.

Owlboy Standard Edition – Nintendo Switch


A mute owl-boy takes on pirates in the sky, castles, and new worlds to explore in this story-driven, open-skies platform adventure.

Rayman Legends Xbox One Standard Edition


“The Glade of Dreams is in trouble once again! During a 100-year nap, the nightmares multiplied and spread, creating new monsters even more terrifying than before. These creatures are the stuff of legend: dragons, giant toads, sea monsters, and even evil luchadores. With the help of Murfy, Rayman and Globox awake and must now help fight these nightmares and save the Teensies.”

Sonic Mania Plus (Xbox One)


Follow this year’s #1 movie star, Sonic the Hedgehog, as he and Tails and Knuckles take on Dr. Robotnik in a classic platformer. Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel join this version as playable characters.

RiME – Nintendo Switch Standard Edition


A young boy wakes up on a mysterious island after a massive storm, and finds much to explore. What secrets will the helpful fox lead you to?

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Hits – PlayStation 4


Machines dominate a lush, natural world, but what led to the circumstances that created this environment? Take on the role of a skilled hunter and explore to determine the ultimate fate of the planet itself.

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove – Xbox One


In this crowdfunded, 8-bit style game, play as a knight who, as the title suggests, relies on a trusty shovel. Whack and dig your way through environmental hazards and boss battles, while gathering treasure and facing down other uniquely equipped knights.

Nioh Hits – PlayStation 4


In this intense RPG experience set in a twisted version of 16th century Japan, battle samurai, demons, and monsters as you master new fighting styles and weapons. This special edition of the game includes three add-ons and five new weapons.

Hollow Knight – Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]


“Explore twisting caverns, ancient cities and deadly wastes; battle tainted creatures and befriend bizarre bugs; and solve ancient mysteries at the kingdom’s heart” in this classic-styled 2D action adventure. Equip charms, involve new skills and meet cute and creepy characters in this open world.

Cuphead Volume 1: Comic Capers & Curios


You already know about the retro-cool 1930s graphics of Cuphead. Now, instead of fighting one ridiculously hard boss battle after another, sit back and enjoy reading new adventures of Cuphead and Mugman. This series of side stories expands the world of the game, and at half-price too.

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