Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Books and Comics Deals for Sept 8

Quarantine may have its own dangers, but it’s no apocalypse. It gives everyone time to read, and to repair glasses as needed. So what are the good cheap reads right now? In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better deals has running as of publication time. Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand. But as of now, these are the deals for Sept 8.

Batman: The Arkham Saga Omnibus

Before and between the Batman Arkham games, find out what happens to Batman in this version of Gotham City. While the comics collected here don’t cover the actual events of the games, they fill in the gaps with aplomb. Let writers like Paul Dini and Peter J. Tomasi take you further into this alternate canon, and maybe, just maybe, Batman’s costume changes will be justified by the end.

Heroes in Crisis

What happens when superheroes have PTSD? They head to Sanctuary, a facility established by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for that very purpose. But when a murder occurs, with Booster Gold and Harley Quinn the main suspects, the big three have to solve a case that goes much deeper than they expect. 40% original $29.99 price makes us suspect a good deal.


When Mumm-Ra realizes that the only way to counter Lion-O’s sword of omens is with the sword of Grayskull, universes collide! Two classic sword-wielding sci-fi barbarians from ’80s toy lines face off against their blue-skinned undead rivals, as the ThunderCats and Mutants travel to Eternia? Does He-Man have the power to save the day this time? Probably. But nobody watched those cartoons for the suspense.

Deathstroke: The New 52 Omnibus

Revisit the New 52 universe with Slade Wilson as he takes on his father, then Batman, the Suicide Squad, and the gods of Olympus. In this 18% off hardcover collection, DC’s greatest assassin has no fear and takes on the craziest contracts. Story and artwork by Tony S. Daniel.

Conan the Barbarian: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Vol. 1

By Crom! For many fans, these 1970s Marvel comics were the first exposure ever to Robert E. Howard’s muscular warrior of the Hyborian age. Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith brought Cimmeria and its associated fantasy worlds to vivid life, ultimately paving the way for the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that became an action classic. (And the Jason Momoa movie that didn’t.) $82.47 down from $125 is a slashed price worthy of a steel sword.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Omnibus Vol. 1

A DC superheroes fighting game doesn’t really need a backstory or a reason to pit powers against powers. But here’s one anyway. Superman decides to become a benevolent dictator and enforce laws more drastically; Batman disagrees, and other heroes pick sides. This omnibus covers three years of what ensues, none of which involves their mom’s names.

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters Saga Omnibus Vol. 1

Though it wasn’t quite Green Arrow‘s The Dark Knight Returns, as it stayed in continuity, Mike Grell’s grittier, darker take on a slightly older Green Arrow helped redefine the character. Anyone fond of the CW-verse and the Arrow show that started at all owes a debt of gratitude to this series.

Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 2

When Hal Jordan discovers the Yellow Lanterns, and John Stewart gets one of their rings, the two must team up to confront the last surviving Guardian. Can two GLs defeat the one who destroyed their Corps? Find out at a 10% discount.

Wolverine Goes to Hell Omnibus

The title’s not metaphorical. Wolverine’s body gets possessed by demons, and his soul sent to the underworld. Can Satan succeed where foes like Apocalypse have failed? Readers have 984 pages to find out.

Before Watchmen: Comedian/Rorschach

Uncover the origins of Walter Kovacs and Eddie Blake, two of the literal worst role models ever created in comics. Alan Moore never intended fans to like or identify with these two — maybe once the reader learns more, their perspective might change.

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