Cosplay: Jenn Croft as Lara Croft

Adam Jay at Superhero Photography has revealed a new Lara Croft cosplay photo shoot featuring model Jenn Croft! You can check out the photos in our Cosplay Gallery and be sure to let them know what you think in the comments below.
On her Facebook page, Jenn says: “Jenn Croft was born on December, 1st, 1983. Her occupation is Personal Trainer/Nanny. Jenn loves Tomb Raider since 2000 and the first TR game is her favourite one. When she played TR – The Last Revelation on her PS1, she decided to become Lara for Halloween that year. So it has all begun. Jenn has already done around 12 Lara Croft costumes & her first Lara Croft cosplay was the classic outfit. She’s planning on remaking the classic Lara Croft outfit now.”