Sinister Sons 6 cover by Vasco Georgiev
(Image Source: DC / Vasco Georgiev)

Sinister Sons #6 Establishes Sinestro as Unlikely Father Figure

Longtime Green Lantern nemesis Sinestro would not be most peoples’ choice for a father. Sinson, one of the two titular Sinister Sons, is not most people. While there is some question as to whether or not the infamous villain is Sinson’s birth father, he did nonetheless play a paternal role to both Sinson and Lor-Zod, son of General Zod.

Sinister Sons #6 by Peter Tomasi and Vasco Georgiev finds Sinson confronting Sinestro on his suspicions of his parentage. While the former dictator of Korugar does not deny the possibility, he denies any responsibility for Sinson. Not because of any shame but because the orphan already defined himself beyond the ability of any parent to shape him. At this point, Sinestro claims, Sinson needs nothing beyond “the sheer force of will to bend your destiny into the shape that you see fit.”

Sinestro and Sinson in Sinister Sons 6
(Image Source: DC / Vasco Georgiev)

Sinson is reluctant to accept this, insisting on collecting a blood sample to prove their relationship. Sinestro agrees, while noting that, blood kin or no, Sinson means nothing to him. This declaration prompts an attack by Val-Zod, who hopes to prove his mettle by fighting the greatest enemy of the Green Lantern Corps. Sinson, in turn, attacks his Kryptonian ally.

Sinestro offers fatherly wisdom while denying fatherhood

The fight which follows proves to be a test orchestrated by Sinestro. The villain sensed the tension between the two tween villains and the rage that fueled Sinson’s quest. Now tapping the Red power of Rage, the villain suspected his self-declared son might be able to draw on the same power. Sure enough, Sinson’s anger at being abandoned and betrayed allowed him to tap the Emotional Spectrum. The fight also allowed Sinestro to assess the power and skills of Lor-Zod.

Sinister Sons and Sinestro
(Image Source: DC / Vasco Georgiev)

With that accomplished, Sinestro declares the Sinister Sons worthy to assist him in his plans. He leaves them in charge of the defense of the planet Korugar, while he pursues those responsible for destroying the Yellow Central Power Battery. In this, Sinestro acts as something of a paternal figure to both boys, while denying any claim of fatherhood.

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