Marvel Celebrates 20 Years of Young Guns/Stormbreakers With New Variant Covers

This January, Marvel Comics commemorates 20 years of its Stormbreakers program with a new collection of celebratory variant covers.

Marvel’s Stormbreakers program technically launched in 2020. However, it is actually a continuation of the publisher’s original Young Guns initiative, which itself launched back in 2004. To celebrate the 20-year milestone, the eight current Stormbreakers artists — Elena Casagrande, Nic Klein, Jan Bazaldua, Chris Allen, Martin Coccolo, Lucas Werneck, Federico Vicentini, and C.F. Villa — have crafted new variant covers paying homage to the original class of Young Guns. These covers will adorn Marvel‘s various titles throughout the month of January 2024.

Things kick off on January 3 with Bazaldua’s variant for Captain America #5 — starring the Star-Spangled Man himself. Then, on January 10, Scarlet Witch casts a spell on Werneck’s variant for Avengers #9, while Gwen Stacy gets ready to hit sticks on Casagrande’s cover for Spider-Gwen: Smash #2. Meanwhile, the eponymous mutant is ready for a fight on Villa’s cover for Cable #1, on sale January 17.

The Master of Magnetism rises on Klein’s variant for Resurrection of Magneto #1, on sale January 24. Next, Vicentini’s variant for Spider-Boy #3 and Coccolo’s variant for Wolverine #42 — both out on January 31 — star the titles’ respective eponymous characters. Finally, Spider-Punk takes center stage on Allen’s cover for Edge of Spider-Verse #1. In keeping with Hobie Brown’s rebellious nature, that issue will actually not release in January — but rather, on February 21.

Check out all eight of Marvel’s Stormbreakers Variant Covers for January 2024 below:

Marvel’s 2023 class of Stormbreakers continue their work into 2024

Marvel announced its 2023 class of Stormbreakers artists in September 2022. Starting this past January, the eight up-and-coming artists began crafting monthly variant covers for the House of Ideas. Each batch of Stormbreakers Variant Covers adheres to a particular theme.

Last month, for instance, the Stormbreakers celebrated the Halloween season with a collection of variants paying tribute to the legacy of Marvel Zombies. This month’s Stormbreakers variants, meanwhile, spotlight such Marvel icons as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Moon Knight, Blade, and more.

Just two weeks ago, Marvel revealed that December’s Stormbreakers variants would have a New Year’s theme. Despite 2023 coming to a close, however, it seems as though the current class of Stormbreakers isn’t through just yet.