Miles Morales Leaps Into Venom’s Maw on Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 Variant Cover

Marvel Comics has revealed artist Jeehyung Lee’s variant cover for January’s Giant-Size Spider-Man #1.

Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 hails from writer Cody Ziglar and artist Iban Coello. The upcoming one-shot pits Peter Parker’s protégé, Miles Morales/Spider-Man, against Eddie Brock’s son, Dylan Brock/Venom, for the very first time. Lee’s variant cover shows Miles quite literally leaping into the belly of the beast.

Check out Jeehyung Lee’s variant cover for Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 below:

“In a series where I’ve had the luck to do a lot of firsts, I’m so stoked that I’m able to add Miles and Dylan’s first interaction with each other to that list,” said Ziglar, the current writer behind Miles Morales: Spider-Man. “I look forward to readers seeing Iban’s incredible work in another action-packed book featuring everyone’s favorite Brooklyn-based Spider-Man.”

Of course, Miles and Dylan’s first meeting isn’t the only thing Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 has in store. The massive one-shot also reprints 2013’s Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #22 by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. That particular issue is noteworthy for featuring the conclusion of Miles’ first battle with Ultimate Venom (whose host was Conrad Marcus at the time).

Giant-Size Spider-Man kicks off Marvel’s Giant-Size anniversary celebration

Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 is the first of numerous one-shots Marvel will publish throughout 2024 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its Giant-Size line of comics. The publisher has also announced new one-shots like Giant-Size Hulk, Giant-Size X-Men, and Giant-Size Daredevil. Additionally, the House of Ideas will be putting out a facsimile edition of the issue that started it all, 1974’s Giant-Size Super-Stars #1.

Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 goes on sale January 10, 2024 from Marvel Comics. The issue features a main cover by Bryan Hitch.