Spectacular Spider-Men 4 cover by Francesco Mobili
(Image Source: Marvel / Francesco Mobili)

Peter Parker Dream Life Revealed in Spectacular Spider-Men #4 Preview

As a famous song says, life is but a dream. This is a literal truth in Spectacular Spider-Men #4, by Greg Weisman and Humberto Ramos. The preview of the issue finds both Peter Parker and Miles Morales trapped in a perfect dream world of their own design.

The current Spectacular Spider-Men series has centered around the increasingly odd behavior of various people around the ESU campus. Peter Parker and Miles Morales tracked this to The Arcadium, which was reportedly a new gaming space. In truth, it was a front for a villainous scheme hatched by the villains Arcade and Mentallo.

Pooling their technology, the villains devised a way to steal the secrets of anyone who played their games. This left the people acting erratic, after briefly having their deepest fantasies made a reality. As Spectacular Spider-Men #4 opens, the perfect lives of Peter Parker and Miles Morales are revealed. The focus quickly shifts to the elder Spider-Man, who cannot accept good things happening to him.

The first three pages of Spectacular Spider-Men #4 may be viewed below.

(Image Source: Marvel / Humberto Ramos)

Peter Parker dreams of an ordinary life

Amusingly, the respective dreams of Peter Parker and Miles Morales are completely useless to Arcade and Metallo’s purposes. Ever the gamer, Arcade is in the scheme to see what other people do to amuse themselves – the better to enhance his own games. Metallo is more practical, looking for secrets and blackmail material. Unfortunately, they are both left wanting by the dreams of the two Spider-Men.

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More than anything else, Peter Parker longs for an ordinary life and for the return of the loved ones he’s lost. He also wishes to be free of the responsibility his powers require. Miles is similar, dreaming of having the time to study and make good grades, but also of romance with his friend Ms. Marvel. The irony is that for two men who already live a life of amazing fantasy, the greatest dream is a peaceful life.

Spectacular Spider-Men #4 arrives in comic book stores everywhere on June 26, 2024.