The Von Dingles: Seth Green, John Harvatine Launch Kickstarter for New Graphic Novel

Seth Green and John Harvatine have amused audiences for years with their Adult Swim series Robot Chicken. The two creators are now branching into comics, launching a Kickstarter for their twisted adult graphic novel, The Von Dingles.

To promote the Kickstarter, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios has also produced a short film featuring the Von Dingles characters. The film is titled “Halloween Massacre,” and finds the sentient eggs fighting their way out of a zombie apocalypse. Apart from a few screenings at select film festivals, this marks the world premiere of these characters in any form. The film, which can be viewed below, stars Seth Green, Clare Grant, and Twister Sister’s Dee Snider.

What inspired the Von Dingles?

The core idea for the comic came from the imagination of John Harvatine. “Ever since I was a kid I wondered what happened to Easter eggs that were left behind and never found,” explains Harvatine. “I imagined their story and adventures being told as a comic book, and even tried doing stop-motion with eggs on my camcorder.” This idea formed the core of both the Von Dingles comic and the Halloween Massacre short film.

Von Dingles Page 1

Hiding from the human world, these lost eggs grew arms, legs, and faces. 100 years ago, they began to take shelter in the ruins of a Von Dingle Brewing Company beer truck. It was in the midst of these ruins that the Von Dingle Berry Bush grew. This magic tree, whose berries are the cornerstone of the Eggs’ existence, also provided them with their name.

The graphic novel centers around Clark, a good egg with questions about the outside world his elders fear. Clark is unique, however, in that he has no arms or face. Despite this disability, Clark can pick things up magically. He also has his friends, Brittle and Vigor, to help him.

The Von Dingles can now be supported on Kickstarter.