Thanos Annual 1 cover by Chad Hardin
(Image Source: Marvel / Chad Hardin)

Thanos Has Perfect Counter to Time-Traveling Heroes

Thanos has fought many battles in his quest for the Infinity Stones. This has given him an insight that is second to none in how to battle wielders of the cosmic powers. However, Thanos Annual #1 reveals a unique counter the Mad Titan employs against those who turn Time against him.

Written by Derek Landy with art by Salvador Larroca, Thanos Annual #1 finds the Mad Titan once again seeking the Infinity Stones. Now obsessed with controlling Death rather than wooing her, he traps his intended in a seventh Infinity Stone. When it fails to function, the Mad Titan seeks to recapture the original six Stones, theorizing this will empower the Death Stone that defies him.

Thanos Makes Death Stone in Thanos Annual 1
(Image Source: Marvel / Salvador Larroca)

This quest brings the Mad Titan into contention with the Infinity Stones’ current wielders. He does battle with Star and Quantum, who wield the Reality and Space stones respectively. The fight is quickly joined by Overtime, a hero and current guardian of the Time Stone. Thanos, however, had prepared for this eventuality with a most unlikely ally.

Thanos has a fish that eats time-travelers

The Mad Titan embarked on his quest with a Chorno Fish. A unique predator that swims through the time streams, its preferred prey is time travelers. The unlikely beast proves quite effective in distracting Overtime from fighting Thanos.

Overtime Faces Chronofish in Thanos Annual 1
(Image Source: Marvel / Salvador Larroca)

The concept of the Chrono Fish is reminiscent of the Babel Fish of Douglas AdamsHitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. The Babel Fish improbably conveyed the ability to understand any language to anyone who stuck it in their ear. The equally ludicrous Chrono Fish seems to be a tribute to the Babel Fish, which Douglas Adams created purely to address the problem of why aliens always seemed to speak English in science fiction stories. The Chrono Fish, likewise, addresses Thanos’ problems with fighting a time traveler with a similarly silly solution.

Thanos Annual #1 is now available at comic shops everywhere.