Ultimate Black Panther 5 cover by Steafno Caselli
(Image Source: Marvel / Stefano Caselli)

The Anti-Vibranium Revealed in Ultimate Black Panther #5

All around the Marvel Multiverse, Vibranium is the wealth of Wakanda. The miraculous metal has many spectacular properties which offer the nation military and scientific advantages. However, in the new Ultimate Universe, there is another amazing metal whose origins are revealed in Ultimate Black Panther #5.

Written by Bryan Edward Hill with art by Carlos Nieto, Ultimate Black Panther opens with T’Challa and Shuri exploring the properties of this mystery metal. Their interest is piqued by the mystery metal being sought after by the avatars of Ra and Khonshu. Their curiosity becomes astonishment when the mystery metal displays amazing abilities when exposed to Vibranium and energy. Specifically, it causes nearby plants to grow rapidly.

Anti-Vibranium Explored in Ultimate Black Panther 5
(Image Source: Marvel / Carlos Nieto)

With Shuri’s scientific expertise having no answers, the Ultimate Black Panther seeks mystic solutions. He consults with the Vodu-Khan, a religious sect who have advised the Kings of Wakanda since the beginning of their nation. While T’Challa is loathe to consult those who place more store in prophecy than science, he is at a loss for options.

Vibranium has an opposite that alters living creatures

The Matron of the Vodu-Khan tells the Ultimate Black Panther a tale of Wakanda’s ancient past. She speaks of two meteors that fell to Earth known as the Tears of the Gods. T’Challa knew of the first meteor, which was the source of the Vibranium that led to Wakanda’s formation. The second meteor, however, contained another metal, which “spreads life like a plague.”

nti-Vibranium Explained in Ultimate Black Panther 5
(Image Source: Marvel / Carlos Nieto)

It is this metal that Ra and Khonsu seek so that they may build a new Kingdom to rival Wakanda. Despite ruling all of Africa outside Wakanda in the Ultimate Universe, the gods will not be happy until they rule unopposed. This sets a course for the Ultimate Black Panther, who must prevent them from acquiring this Anti-Vibranium at any cost.

Ultimate Black Panther #5 is now available at comic shops everywhere.