GODS Sandman Saga

Jonathan Hickman’s G.O.D.S. Is a Mix of Sandman and Saga, Says Marvel Editor

Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti’s upcoming G.O.D.S. series has elements of Sandman and Saga, according to Marvel Comics executive editor Tom Brevoort.

Speaking with AIPT,  Brevoort explained, “This really sits on the axis of Saga and Sandman. There are some certain stylistic similarities. It’s definitely a different flavor than what we do at Marvel.”

Sandman was written by Neil Gaiman and originally published by DC Comics from 1989 and 1996. The original run lasted 75 issues and centers around the character of Dream/Morpheus, an immortal entity who is freed from captivity at the start of the series.

Saga, meanwhile, is written by Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples, and published by Image Comics. A cosmic tale revolving around the birth, childhood, and the life of a girl named Hazel, Saga has not yet completed its run but, so far, 66 issues have been published.

What is Jonathan Hickman’s G.O.D.S. about?

G.O.D.S officially launches in October 2023. While not many details about the series have been released up until this point, G.O.D.S will focus on five cosmic beings who could potentially reshape the entire Marvel multiverse. Characters such as Doctor Strange also play a role in the series.

“JONATHAN HICKMAN RE-INVENTS THE COSMOLOGY OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE,” the solicitation for G.O.D.S #1 reads. “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE-POWERS-THAT-BE MEET THE-NATURAL-ORDER-OF-THINGS? The infinite détente between THE-NATURAL-ORDER-OF-THINGS and THE-POWERS-THAT-BE nears an end. Old acquaintances are reunited during a Babylon Event. The Lion of Wolves throws the worst parties. Don’t look under the table. There’s a John Wilkes Booth penny on the ground. This ENORMOUS EXTRA-SIZED first issue features DOCTOR STRANGE, who, while not boring at all, is easily the most boring person in the book.”

Featuring cover art by Mateus Manhanini and variants by Scottie Young, Peach Momoko, Mahmud Asrar, and Ejikure, G.O.D.S. #1 releases on October 4, 2023.