Valiant Entertainment Inks New Comic Publishing Deal With Alien Books

Valiant Entertainment is set to expand its comic book output through a new deal with publisher Alien Books.

“Valiant Entertainment has entered into an agreement with international comics publisher Alien Books to continue to expand Valiant’s publishing capabilities,” the company wrote in a press release. “Alien Books and its Director Matias Timarchi have built a strong and unique comic book publishing company with over 25 years of experience publishing in the United States as well as overseas and international markets. The expansion of the Valiant line of publishing is a major point of emphasis in this partnership, with eyes towards a vibrant and voluminous 2024 publishing schedule!”

Valiant explains that “with all the critical and commercial success it has experienced, X-O MANOWAR UNCONQUERED will be continuing as our new world order takes shape, along with the long-awaited publication of NINJAK SUPERKILLERS this fall. The Valiant team will be working hand in hand with the Alien Books team to shape the Valiant publishing line. More to come very soon on the upcoming 2024 publishing schedule! Until then, continue to #StayValiant!”

Alien and Valiant discuss the new deal

“Being able to collaborate on the creation of new stories with Valiant, the third largest connected superhero universe, is truly a dream come true,” said the aforementioned Timarchi. “As a lifelong superhero fan and self-professed geek, the opportunity to work with these incredible characters fills me with boundless enthusiasm. Our goal is to expand the entire Valiant universe by crafting new books that will delight longtime fans while also innovating to engage a new generation of readers interested in webtoons, manga, and digital storytelling experiences. We are immensely proud that Valiant has selected us as their new partners for this thrilling venture, and we are excited to embark on a new chapter in Valiant’s illustrious history.”

“We remain fiercely committed to publishing Valiant comics and expanding our publishing line in ways we’ve never seen before,” added Valiant executive Russ Brown. “In partnership with Alien Books, we see an opportunity to push the boundaries of comic book publishing to help develop our incredible IP in exciting new ways for a rapidly expanding global audience.”

Valiant Entertainment’s recent troubles

The Valiant Universe is home to a number of iconic comic book characters. Perhaps the most notable of the bunch is Bloodshot, who was played by Vin Diesel in Sony’s 2020 film adaptation. Other Valiant superheroes include the likes of Rai, Ninjak, X-O Manowar, Shadowman, and Faith (the latter of whom is earmarked for her own movie at Paramount).

However, it’s no secret that Valiant Entertainment as a company has had a rough go of it as of late. It was in August 2022 that the company cut down its comic book output to one title per month (at most). This revelation came as the series Archer & Armstrong Forever abruptly ended after four issues, despite being solicited for at least six. That said, through its new deal with Alien, Valiant evidently hopes to bounce back in 2024.