Emily Carmichael Will Adapt Valiant’s Faith For Paramount

Aside from Bloodshot, there haven’t been any Valiant Comics heroes on the big screen. However, there’s now some forward momentum on Valiant’s Faith. Variety is reporting that Emily Carmichael has signed on to write the script for Faith’s solo movie.

Carmichael has previously written or co-written Pacific Rim: Uprising, Jurassic World: Dominion, and The Adventures of Lido and Ix.

Faith Hubert was created by Jim Shooter and artist David Lapham in 1992 as a supporting character in Harbinger. On that team of teenage superheroes, she was given the ability to fly, as well as the unflattering codename, Zephyr. However, as Faith has risen to prominence in the modern era of Valiant, she is more commonly referred to by her first name than her codename.

Within the comic book realm, Faith’s claim to fame is that she is one of the rare plus-sized heroines to headline her own series. According to the report, Paramount hasn’t confirmed that it will cast a plus-size actress for the title role. However, it’s unlikely that the film would abandon one of Faith’s signature attributes without facing a significant backlash from her fans.

Paramount is also developing the live-action Harbingers movie, which will feature Faith among the main characters. Paul Downs Colaizzo signed on to helm that film last year, after Wes Ball exited the project.

For now, Paramount hasn’t set a date for either Harbinger or Faith. But the studio does want to make the Valiant Cinematic Universe a reality.

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