Dynamite Revives Disney’s Gargoyles As a Comic Book Series

It’s been far too long since there have been new comic book stories about Disney’s Gargoyles. Thirteen years to be precise. However, the wait is almost over. Dynamite Entertainment has announced that it will publish new Gargoyles comics later this year. Additionally, series creator Greg Weisman has already signed on to write the new stories.

Gargoyles premiered in 1994 as part of the Disney Afternoon animation block. But unlike the other Disney shows of its era, Gargoyles embraced more mature stories and complex themes with strong narrative choices and great performances by the vocal cast. It is widely admired as one of the best TV shows that Disney animation has ever created, and the entire series is streaming on Disney+.

The series was set in 1994 when billionaire David Xanatos revived Goliath and his small clan of Gargoyles after they had been cursed to remain in stone for almost 1,000 years. While the Gargoyles eventually clashed with Xanatos, Goliath formed a powerful emotional bond with Detective Eliza Maza.

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Marvel was the first publisher for Gargoyles comics, which featured the work of Amanda Conner, Joe Madureira, Jimmy Palmiotti, Martin Pasko, Grant Miehm, and Mort Todd. Slave Labor Graphics picked up the comic book rights in 2006 to continue the story under Weisman’s watch. The revived Gargoyles comic ran for 12-issues, and served a replacement for the third season, Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles, which was produced largely without Weisman’s involvement.

As part of the new deal with Disney, the classic Gargoyles comics will be reprinted as both facsimile editions and trade paperbacks. The reprints, and the new comic book series, will both launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

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