NECA “Toy Fair”: Predator, TMNT, Gargoyles and Accessory Reveals

Over the past few days, NECA slowly rolled out what would have been their Toy Fair reveals this year, through multiple fan sites and channels. We’ve gathered together most of them here for your one-stop NECA “Toy Fair” guide. As expected, we saw plenty of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Predator goodness. But the company’s also leaning heavily into Gargoyles, which is good news for anyone who loved their Goliath figure and wants the whole team. Expect the rest of the core heroes by year’s end.

The TMNT line continues in movie, cartoon, and Mirage Comics incarnations. But Archie Comics figures join the lineup now this year as well. Slash will kick off the line, with preorders for him and other NECA TMNT live now. Time-traveling babe Renet gets a Mirage-style figure, though some fans wish she were in original comics’ blue costume, rather than the red as it appears in recent reprints. (Not like NECA would ever miss a chance to do a variant…) The Last Ronin gets two figures: one of the lone turtle armored, and another shirtless (coming later).

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For the TV cartoon figures, is holding an open preorder through March 3rd for two exclusive two-packs. Build the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang with Smash & Zach, and Crooked Goon with Rock Soldier. Also fun for fans of figures cosplaying as other figures. As is the Universal Monsters mashup Michelangelo Mummy, with cobra, Ankh nunchuks, and two creepy heads. The regular Universal Mummy gets enhanced with an accessory set featuring his sarcophagus. Meanwhile, Gremlins get a bonus pack that includes new clothes, two little Gizmos, and a cocoon.

Predator as a line continues to remake the second movie’s Lost Tribe, while branching out into the Concrete Jungle video game. No doubt the new movie Prey will also become fair game.

Take a look through the gallery below, then let us know what you think in comments.

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