Marvel Comics Teases a Potential Wedding For Iron Man

In the comic book realm, Tony Stark has had many girlfriends – including his most recent lover, Janet van Dyne/the Wasp. However, Tony’s current partner, Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat, may be the woman who finally gets Iron Man to walk down the aisle…if she says “yes.” Potential wedding for Iron Man.

Marvel Comics has announced that Tony will propose to Patsy in Iron Man #20, following the wrap-up of writer Christopher Cantwell’s current story. Prior to this series, Tony and Patsy didn’t know each other very well. Regardless, Cantwell has positioned Patsy as Tony’s confidante and as one of the few people in his life who calls him out when needed. That’s why Tony is so taken with her.

“Since Issue #1, bringing Patsy Walker/Hellcat into this story just felt right,” said Cantwell in a statement. “She was the perfect kind of grounded presence in Tony Stark’s hyper-octane world that I believed could help bring more balance to his life. Patsy Walker’s best super-power in my mind has always been her ability to be human and sincere. And like Tony, she has had her share of demons in the past (some literal in her case).”

Cantwell may be referring to Patsy’s ex-husband, Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. Or possibly her first husband, Robert “Buzz” Baxter, who became the super villain, called Mad-Dog. Regardless, Marvel also shared a cover image by artist Betsy Cola.

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Cantwell also shared his thoughts about why Tony decided to propose to Patsy.

“Both Patsy and Tony have gone through fundamental transformations in this story,” related Cantwell. “And as the dust settles, and Tony sees Patsy as this phenomenal force in his life, he does the only thing he can think to do in order to keep her near him and connected: he proposes they be together for the rest of their lives. Of course, marriage is freighted for Patsy in ways it is for few other Marvel characters. Just one her previous relationships took her to the very depths of hell. It’s not an easy decision for her in the least.”

Iron Man #20 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, May 11, with a script by Cantwell, art by Angel Unzueta, and a main cover by Alex Ross. You can see Ross’ cover below. Additionally, Marvel teased that an announcement about Iron Man/Hellcat Annual #1 will be revealed next week ahead of its June 2022 release.

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